“We want Loan,” was the cry that dominated the streets illuminated by the crowd’s candles.

“We want Loan,” was the cry that dominated the streets illuminated by the crowd’s candles.
“We want Loan,” was the cry that dominated the streets illuminated by the crowd’s candles.


GOYA, Corrientes (Special Envoy).– After 11 days without news of Loan Danilo Peña, the boy who disappeared after having gone to lunch with his paternal grandmother in the El Algarrobal area, tonight people took to the streets in different parts of the province of Corrientes to demand the appearance alive of the boy, whose whereabouts have the country in suspense.

The largest demonstration gathered at dusk in the center of the capital city. A crowd carrying signs with Loan’s image walked through the streets of the city of Corrientes from Plaza Cabral.

In addition to the signs and posters with the face of a child, they carried lit candles in their hands and rhythmically shouted “we love loan!” The march ended near the Government House.

The protesters, for the most part, were neighbors who organized themselves, but there was also the presence of political and union groups such as the Single Union of Education Workers of Corrientes (Suteco) and the Classist and Combative Current (CCC).

The march in the provincial capital included the participation of two of Loan’s brothers, who could not contain their emotion due to the support received from the neighbors and merchants who walked the streets of the city of Corrientes.

Torchlight march in Corrientes capital. Loan’s brother is presentJoaquin Meabe

In Goya, the epicenter of the investigation, a hundred residents marched through the city center, from the headquarters of the provincial prosecutor’s office to the building where the federal court operates.

The demonstration occurred hours after provincial prosecutors Juan Carlos Castillo and Guillermo Barry declared themselves incompetent. With songs and banners, the march ended in front of the courthouse led by federal judge Cristina Pozzer Penzo.

Today, federal prosecutor Mariano De Guzmán must define whether he accepts the jurisdiction for Loan’s disappearance to be investigated as a case of human trafficking.

During the march, the Goya federal court, located on Belgrano Street, next to the Cathedral, was guarded by six officers from the Argentine Federal Police (PFA) and two from the Naval Prefecture.

Loan case. A police van arrives at the Goya prosecutor’s office, Corrientes and is attacked by neighbors who are at the doorAlejandro Guyot / Special Envoy

The demonstrations had started in the morning. “Murderer, murderer!“, was the cry he repeated, at 9:20, a group of neighbors who pounced on the Corrientes Police van that was taken to the Fiscal Unit for Reception and Analysis of Cases (Ufrac) from Goya to Maria Victoria Caillavathe former municipal employee of Nueve de Julio detained since last Friday, accused of having participated in the abduction of the five-year-old boy.

That demonstration, made up of less than 20 people, grew as the minutes passed and by midday more than fifty residents of Goya had gathered in front of the prosecutor’s office headquarters, located at Ejercito Argentino 550.

On one of the balconies in front of the prosecutor’s office, they also placed posters asking for LoanAlejandro Guyot / Special Envoy

With banners and improvised posters, the protesters clamored for the appearance alive of Loan, the child who was last seen on Thursday the 13th of this month. The people present also expressed their anger against the police, judicial and political forces for various situations in which they had been protagonists.

María, a young single mother with five children – two of them disabled – arrived with one of them to ask for Loan, but also to make catharsis about the difficulties of living in a peripheral neighborhood of the second most important city of Corrientes that, he says, was invaded by drug dealing.

“They grabbed my 15-year-old son on the corner of my house and took him at gunpoint for two blocks. I know who he is, I have his first and last name, but if I go to the police nothing will happen or, worse, something could happen to me. That’s why I don’t say this person’s name and I want Loan to help something change,” he told her. THE NATION.

Towards noon, the self-convened people mingled with the journalistic guard and actively participated in what was happening outside the judicial headquarters. One of the moments of greatest tension occurred around 1:00 p.m., when The defense lawyers of Daniel Ramírez, known as Fierrito, and his wife, Mónica Carmen Millapi, two of the six detainees, gave notes near the courts to comment on the latest details of the case.

Criminals, murderers, accomplices, trash!“, were some of the phrases that were shouted to the lawyers Marcelo Hanson and Jorge Monti, who were walking, among a tangle of cameras, posters and people, the 50 meters that separate the corner of San Martín and Colón and one of the side entrances from the courts, where they hoped to meet their clients.

But the moment of greatest tension occurred after 2:30 p.m., when it had already been confirmed that the provincial Justice had decided to declare itself incompetent to investigate the disappearance and referred the case to the Federal Justice, also based in this city of almost 80,000 inhabitants.

Corrientes Police personnel arranged a distraction operation at the entrance to Ejercito Argentino Street, while they removed the six defendants from Colón Street, who were transferred to different police stations in Goya. Crowded on the gate that separated the entrance to the building by 50 meters from where the accused were, the protesters once again expressed their anger, which seemed to go beyond the anguish over Loan’s disappearance.

Mónica Millapi and Victoria Caillava are transferred from the prosecutor’s office to the women’s police stationAlejandro Guyot – LA NACIÓN
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