LOAN: Corrientes deputies summon the Minister of Security

LOAN: Corrientes deputies summon the Minister of Security
LOAN: Corrientes deputies summon the Minister of Security

LOAN: Corrientes deputies summon the Minister of Security

Loan Case: Union for the Homeland summons the Minister of Security of Corrientes

The deputies of the Unión por la Patria inter-bloc ask to question the Minister of Security, Dr. Buenaventura Duarte, to find out about the procedures carried out in response to the disappearance of the minor Loan Danilo Peña. This request was made based on a draft resolution presented today in the chamber.

The disappearance of Loan Peña, which occurred on June 13 in the Algarrobal area, has generated deep concern in the community and among the minor’s relatives. From different sectors, delays and deficiencies in the initial response of the authorities have been pointed out, which require a detailed explanation by the Minister of Security to avoid future errors and negligence that make it difficult for Loan to appear alive.

The draft resolution presented by the block of deputies aims to summon the minister, based on the need to clarify why the Protocol for Police Action in Matters of Disappearance of Girls, Boys and Adolescents, established by the Law No. 5,862, which dictates clear guidelines for action in cases of disappearance of minors. Among the questioned measures are:

– The reasons behind the *late notification* to jurisdictional police stations, highway police, border centers and federal forces, which could have compromised the effectiveness of the initial controls.

– The *lack of exhaustive road controls* in the first days of the investigation.

– An explanation is requested regarding the *transfer of Commissioner Walter Maciel* from Monte Caseros to July 9, as well as a review of his disciplinary record.

– The lack of attention to formal complaints from the commissioner’s subordinates in the Goya Regional and the inaction in the face of the public complaint by Mayor Hugo Insaurralde, who pointed out institutional and political implications in criminal acts, are also crucial points that the Minister must clarify.

The project highlights the urgency of obtaining clear and precise answers on these aspects to ensure the transparency and effectiveness of government actions in cases of missing minors. “This step is essential to clarify the actions taken and ensure that the protocols established for cases of missing minors are followed.” stand out from the block. The seriousness of the situation requires that the Minister of Security, Dr. Buenaventura Duarte, appear before the Session Room of the Honorable Chamber of Deputies to provide the relevant reports and explanations about the Loan search operation and avoid future regrettable and painful events. like these

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