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The drum, root of the people › Culture › Granma
The drum, root of the people › Culture › Granma

Caracas, Venezuela.–It rains persistently. However, it seems that in Plaza Bolívar the rain is a blessing, a bath to chase away the hatred, the abuses, the miseries that humanity experiences today.

Filled with audiences who go from one stage to another and dance without rest, this is once again a meeting place for those who dream of a more just world. Not even the rain has been able to silence the drums: in Caracas Our America vibrates, to the rhythm of its roots.

«Family, life, joy, union». That is the drum for Yeraldín Gallardo, musical director of the Camagüey Folkloric Ballet, an ensemble that these days attended the first Tambores del alba Meeting, Heartbeats of our identity, based in this South American nation.

«It has been impressive to see so many women dedicated to folklore. “It is something that must be maintained,” he said. This space has helped us recognize that all people have a common root, which is this musical instrument,” she added.

And he is right, since the drums were a way of confronting cultural colonialism, slavery. They are legend, rebellion, spirituality. Through them we recognize the diverse and complex religiosity of our continent, which has been able to resist centuries of neoliberal globalization.

This event sought to honor the memory of our ancestors, to vindicate those maroons who were the first Americans to free themselves from the oppressive yoke and seek their freedom at all costs.

Delegations from more than a dozen countries attended the event, which through conferences, workshops, forum debates and cultural presentations, promoted exchange and integration.

Cuba brought a representation of the multiplicity of expressions that make up its popular culture. The main touches, songs and dances that identify the folklore of the Island were reflected in the three shows that the Camagüey Folkloric Ballet presented: Eleguá Agó, Todomixed and Concerto folklorico.

Reynaldo Echemendía Estrada, director of the ensemble, classified the meeting as “a process of constant feedback” between the artists present. Events of this type, he said, reflect “the sense of belonging, integration, unity of action and common identity of the peoples of the dawn.”

The multiethnic beauty of our continent found in Venezuela an audience aware of its roots, which does not let the cultural tradition of Our America die.

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