Health care during heavy snowfalls highlighted

Health care during heavy snowfalls highlighted
Health care during heavy snowfalls highlighted

The Ministry of Health of Chubut valued the effort and dedication of the health teams from the different healthcare centers in the province who, despite the adverse weather conditions that affected a large part of the provincial territory in recent days, guaranteed the adequate care of the population.

Health Secretary Sergio Wisky highlighted the commitment of health personnel during the snowfall.

The recognition was made by the head of the Chubut ministry, Sergio Wisky, within the framework of a tour he is taking to different hospitals located in the plateau and mountain range area.
“In the midst of the storm, the commitment of our health personnel was once again exemplary,” Wisky said, adding that “Chubut health workers were committed to visiting patients in extreme conditions, to the point of keeping their jobs operational.”
During his new tour of the province, the Secretary of Health already visited the Rural Hospital of Paso de Indios and the Health Posts of Aldea Epulef and Colán Conhué, where he spoke with directors, representatives, health personnel and patients.
Your itinerary will also include a visit to health facilities in Esquel and other towns in the Andean Region. The objective is to identify needs and provide solutions that allow us to continue improving the provision of healthcare services in each place.


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