“Chemical Engineering helps maintain strict control of processes”

“Chemical Engineering helps maintain strict control of processes”
“Chemical Engineering helps maintain strict control of processes”

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Dayaisy Miranda Martínez has been working for 8 years at the Carlos Manuel de Céspedes Thermoelectric Company, in the province of Cienfuegos.

Graduated in early 2024 as a Chemical Engineer from the “Marta Abreu” Central University of Las Villas, in the Course for Workers modality, the young woman today occupies the position of main specialist of the Central Laboratory in the southern industry.

Why did you decide on Chemical Engineering?

“When I finished ninth grade I was determined to study and work at the same time; Furthermore, I did not like pre-university and I was clear that I wanted to opt for the intermediate technician in Industrial Chemistry at the 5 de Septiembre polytechnic. It took four years, I finished first in rank and with a gold title.
“That gave me the opportunity to choose my first job location and I decided on Thermoelectric. Here I began my training, first in the central laboratory, then I spent seven and a half years in the water treatment plant, working in shifts.

“After the first year of working in that area I began to study Chemical Engineering through an encounter in Santa Clara.”

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What is the role of the main Laboratory specialist?

“I am in charge of governing, controlling and monitoring the processes and all the analyzes we carry out in the laboratory, be it oils, fuels, additives, ashes from regenerative air heaters, water.

“I also have to ensure that I don’t run out of reagents, make requests on time, and ensure the equipment.”

How important is Chemical Engineering in an industry like Thermoelectrics?

“Chemical engineering is the control of processes. Here we have the chemical water treatment plant, the express laboratory and the central one. I consider that this branch of engineering is essential because it helps maintain strict control over compliance with the parameters.

“For example, if we do not verify the indicators, whether silica, conductivity, pH or other, as is regulated for the water that a boiler must consume, this can have negative consequences, such as the deterioration of that boiler, the tubes , the walls. In addition, it can cause excessive consumption of reagents, chemicals and fuels at the same time.”

From a personal and professional point of view, what has working at “Carlos Manuel de Céspedes” brought you?

“I have grown both personally and professionally because I am a little shy. It took me a lot of work to get to the smallest detail, but over time I have interacted with other colleagues, gotten to know people better and I already feel at home.

“In the professional case I also grew. First I worked as an analyst operator in the water treatment plant and now as a main specialist I have opened my eyes more, I pay more attention to the why of things, what to follow, what to take into account for any procedure. “I have been nourished a lot.”

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