Mariano Sarquiz: “Santiago’s music is for the world”

Mariano Sarquiz: “Santiago’s music is for the world”
Mariano Sarquiz: “Santiago’s music is for the world”

Mariano Sarquiz: “Santiago’s music is for the world”

Saying that art has no borders is not a metaphor, it is a concrete statement that can be verified in different ways. It is known that Santiago del Estero is a constant generator of references, trends and spaces when it comes to culture. For some time now, its cultural openness has allowed the flourishing of different aspects that have found their own space. Many are incipient, driven by young values ​​that are making their way and others are part of the ancestral roots of this land.

One of the most representative is its music and with it its protagonists, the artists who express themselves through this art. In that conjunction of music and borders without limits, from this section, in this edition New Diary spoke exclusively with Mariano Sarquiz, leading artist of the Province. Talented musician who participates in various musical projects, one of the most notable is The Arcana of the Desertone of the most recognized groups in the province.

Mariano is currently touring several countries and cities in Europe, with the firm objective of disseminating folklore from its purest essence. With the freshness of the present, but with the traditional characteristics and sounds that made it so particular in the world.

From Santiagueños around the world, an interview was achieved with the musician who is currently in Spain, traveling through different cities.

-How did you organize this tour of different countries?

– The tour was put together only from my publication on the networks, I am currently traveling for a month and many proposals continue to arise, although I had some confirmed performances, being here more proposals arose and emerge. They are all positive and are evaluated as we make our way.

-What type of society and public have you encountered?

– The public so far is very kind, many Argentines at the folklore events and at my performances. I meet other musical styles, with people from all over the world. They are all very kind, many come to congratulate me on the proposal and that is an indicator that things are going well.

-What type of repertoire are you presenting?

– I didn’t put together a special repertoire. I can say that the repertoire is varied according to the occasion, mostly folklore so far and also when I perform with my solo set I create music in real time.

-Is this the first time you have done this type of experience?

– The truth is that if. This is my first time in Europe, but I have been planning this trip for 10 years. I had been planning and putting it together with patience until I was finally able to do it, very grateful above all.

-What has impacted you the most so far?

– Many things have been impacting me, from the architecture and design of each place I visit, the courtesy of the people, the musicians I am meeting, the immensity of the cities with their characteristics, it is a constant impact.

-Have you gone with other musicians or do local musicians accompany you?

-This time I came alone and here I joined some training, it is quite an experience and a cultural confluence. I am also putting together proposals with musicians from other countries. These are things that emerge as I make presentations and are always motivating.

-Does Santiago miss you? What things are missed?

-The answer is a resounding yes, Santiago is always missed. Personally, Santiago is home, family, love, dedication, although I have just arrived here, Santiago will always have the qualities that only Santiago residents feel and we know that he will bind us for life with unconditional love.

-Is it going as you planned?

-The truth is that it is going much better than expected. I’m surprised at how well the trip is going. Not only to meet people, musicians, new places, but also because of the proposals that arise, this week I have a recording of an entire album by a Frenchman, the recording will be made in Valencia. As I said before, it is a valuable experience and it gives you the possibility of being able to make and share music.

-Is music a kind of universal connection or is that a cliché?

-Music is the universal language, said by the great masters and I refer to the evidence, being able to touch and feel and connect with people you don’t know, at least it happened to me only with music, in the JAM sessions that are put together there are many very nutritious crusades musically speaking.

-What has this experience left you personally?

– So far in the first month I was able to take advantage of a lot between Barcelona, ​​Valencia and Madrid, a beautiful experience of places, landscapes, people, also tourism, but taking advantage of what I came to do, sow music.

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