Communities in the Alto Lindo village in Aguazul recovered their access road » PRENSA LIBRE CASANARE

In the municipality of Aguazul, the reopening of the road in the Alto Lindo village, which was devastated in the 2022 due to a large landslide. Through Disaster Risk Management and the Infrastructure Secretariat, Governor César Ortiz Zorro carries out this intervention that represents for the community to resume its normal life, after that emergency that has meant incalculable economic losses.

35 peasant families have had to face great challenges to leave and get to their homes, such as carrying their sick people on horseback and even abandoning their farms, as is the case of two families from this community.

Given the difficult situation, the yellow machinery team was deployed, with which large material and rocks are currently being removed; The supply of material, conformation, expansion and compaction of the road is carried out. To date, 2.5 km of the almost 7 km of the affected road section have been recovered.

A job in which the same inhabitants are also making a significant contribution in the supply of material, lodging and food for the drivers. Once again, with the community mingas work model and everyone contributes, tranquility and development are restored to an entire peasant population.


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