Councilor Leonardo Infante appealed ruling on the legality of the Alameda Martha Mojica Partial Plan in Yopal

Councilor Jorge Leonardo Infante Tovar has filed an appeal against the ruling that denied the claims of his simple annulment claim, against Decree 213 of 2023, which adopts the Alameda Martha Mojica Partial Development Plan (PPAMM) in Yopal, Casanare .

In his appeal, Infante Tovar argues that the trial judge did not adequately assess the grounds for annulment set forth in the original complaint. The plaintiff maintains that the PPAMM fails to comply with several articles of the Territorial Planning Plan (POT) of Yopal, including the lack of a prior macroproject for the expansion area and the absence of a master plan for aqueduct and sewage.

One of the most controversial points is the supposed lack of technical feasibility of the project. According to Infante Tovar, there is an unfavorable concept in Civil Aeronautics regarding the location of a wastewater treatment plant near a radio aid for air navigation. The plaintiff alleges that this crucial document was not considered in the process.

Additionally, the appeal questions the validity of several documents presented by the Yopal mayor’s office during the trial, suggesting possible irregularities in their presentation and content.

The case has generated debate about the urban development of Yopal and transparency in planning processes. The decision of the Casanare Administrative Court will be key to determining the future of the Alameda Martha Mojica project and could set an important precedent for future urban plans in the region.

The community has questioned the infant councilor, because he does not treat with the same vehemence projects such as Villa David, which after a decade, there are still properties without deeds or public services, or San Marcos towers, where apparently, those properties were handed over to a large number of people who already owned other properties. Projects that were delivered by their political allies.


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