Alert for the third entrance-type robbery in less than 15 days in the city of Santa Fe

Three robberies with the same characteristics were produced in less than 15 days, in the city of Santa Fe. This Tuesday around 3:30, in Aristóbulo del Valle 6600 from the Union and Work neighborhood A 74-year-old woman who was sleeping woke up to a burglar in her room..

“He woke up and had the thief inside the house,” Lucio, son of the victim who was ambushed about 10 blocks away from where Paglia was killed, said from AIRE’s cell phone.

Robbery in the Unión y Trabajo neighborhood

“He was jumping from roof to roof, the neighbors saw him, he was carrying other stolen things. My mother woke up and had him in the house. He didn’t threaten her, he didn’t touch her, he grabbed the cell phone that was on the nightstand and as she He screamed, got scared and ran away,” the son of the victim from the entrance told AIR.

Someone contacted 911 and the police quickly intervened and managed to capture the thief. According to Lucio, they arrested him on Peñaloza Avenue, 10 minutes after he escaped and they recovered the cell phone that he had stolen.

Two similar robberies, one of which culminated in the murder of Walter Paglia, occurred on June 13 and 14.

PDI murder investigation Walter Paglia Mayoraz neighborhood 2.jpg

On June 13, a robbery ended in the crime of Walter Paglia, in the Mayoraz neighborhood.

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Robbery and murder in the Mayoraz neighborhood

The brutal crime of Water Paglia occurred on Thursday, June 13, before 6, in a home located on the second floor in Castelli at 3000, corner of 4 de Enero Street. Inside the house was the man with his 16-year-old son and his 20-year-old daughter, according to the victim’s brother-in-law.

Walter Paglia was murdered in his home in the Mayoraz neighborhood, in an attempted robbery.

“My nephew called me at 6 o’clock that they had broken in and stabbed my brother-in-law,” he said. AIR Walter Paglia’s brother-in-law who clarified that the criminal entered through the patio and climbed into the apartment located on the second floor.

“He saw the choro, my brother-in-law came out, wanted to defend him and the criminal stabbed him. The three of them were there: my brother-in-law, my nephew and my niece. He stabbed him and he bled to death. They ruin your life for nothing,” he said. Walter’s brother-in-law was shocked.

Once the crime was committed, the murderer escaped through the patio and, for the moment, the identity of the attacker is unknown. Inside the home, a knife that would be the murder weapon was seized.

Neighbor robbery Walter Paglia Barrio Mayoraz

On June 14, a neighbor of Walter Paglia was robbed, under the same modality, in the Mayoraz neighborhood.

Robbery in the Mayoraz neighborhood

Less than 24 hours after the crime of Walter Pagliathe neighbor who was stabbed to death on Thursday after defending his son in an attempted robbery in Mayoraz neighborhood Inside his home, on Friday, June 14 at dawn – 300 meters from the neighbor’s house – a robbery with similar characteristics was recorded.

The criminals entered through the window and took the belongings they found in their path and that they could carry in their hands.

“What bothers me is that we were sleeping and they entered my house. I was wondering if I would wake up,” he said. Gisela Beckman in AIR with the memory of his neighbor Walter, still palpable.

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