Seafarers’ Day

Seafarers’ Day
Seafarers’ Day

Seafarers are key workers, which is why, in recognition of these protagonists, the International Maritime Organization (IMO) promulgated June 25 as Seafarers’ Day at the 2010 Manila Conference.

The resolution encourages Governments, shipping organizations and companies, ship owners and all other stakeholders to promote this day in a due and timely manner and to take the necessary measures to celebrate it as it deserves.

In 2024, the International Maritime Organization pays tribute to those who have lost their lives while serving on ships attacked in the Red Sea.

From the Maritime Authority of Argentina we adhere to the recognition proposed by the Secretary General of the IMO, Arsenio Domínguez, and we particularly salute all the navigating personnel in their day, whom we accompany and pay tribute to the vocation, professionalism, commitment and experience that they contribute to the maritime transport industry.

We join, like every year, the IMO campaign which, to raise awareness about the safety of seafarers, invites people in the field to share photos and tips on safety at sea using the hashtag #SafetyTipsAtSea.


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