Guild Council denounces illegal invasions on peasant lands in Cajibío and Caloto, Cauca

Through a statement, the Cauca Trade and Business Council denounced thatIn less than 72 hours, several peasant properties have been invaded in the municipalities of Cajibío and Caloto.

According to the information, an undetermined group of people wearing hoods invaded the Guaduales farm, located in a rural area, Cajibío, They destroyed crops, burned, established posts and planted products such as cassava.a similar action was recorded on June 20, on the La Unión farm, where they uprooted 35 hectares of forest plantations, built structures and displaced the workers.

Invasion of properties in Cajibío and Caloto, Cauca | Photo: courtesy

Meanwhile, on the El Chimán farm, located in the rural area of ​​Caloto, a confrontation between Afro-descendant and indigenous communities was recorded in the last few hours, in dispute over this property.

Furthermore, since February 2024, a group of hooded men took over the La Capilla farm, who disturb the neighboring community by constantly launching explosive devices.

These invasions have caused hundreds of displacements, unemployment and million-dollar losses for peasants, farmers and companies in the sector.

Despite the repeated complaints that have been made to the competent authorities for years, since it is not a current problem, the situation continues to worsen, so The Cauca Trade and Business Council reiterates the urgent call to the National Government so that “it exercises its authority to apply the Political Constitution for the protection of the right to private property covered in Article 51, likewise, that there is judicialization for those who invade private property.”

Invasion of properties in Cajibío and Caloto, Cauca. | Photo: courtesy

“Each invasion is a recurring violation of fundamental rights such as work, mobility, life, private priority, etc.generating terror among the community, anxiety and discouraging investment in the department”they pointed out.

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