Teacher presenteeism in Neuquén: one by one the changes that were introduced in the project

After the debate in committee, the wording of the teacher incentive bill in Neuquén was modified, questioned by the ATEN and Sadop unions, which will be renamed “additional to professional development.” The bonus that they were originally scheduled to charge was 10% and It went to 15% of the position assignment or teaching hours, which corresponds monthly to each agent. The estimate is $33,000.

The additional will be settled on a quarterly basis, with the monthly payments for the months of March, June, September and December of each year.

The staff will perceive it whose absences do not exceed three quarterly, with a limit of two monthly, duly justified and framed in the licensing regime. The training requirement was removed.

The teacher, whose substitute or interim position does not cover all the working days of the month, will have the right to the proportional perception of the additional, calculated in relation to the days that it has been fulfilled. Those who work on secondment, outside the educational system, are excluded from receiving it.

It will begin to be perceived from September, considering the immediately previous quarter.

The issue may be evaluated in future collective wage negotiations. The first version prevented this possibility.

As for the leave regime for substitute staff The list of which could be used was eliminated, and all those that are provided for in the legislation were left, must prove four continuous months of seniority in the same position and/or teaching hours.


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