They capture and release an alleged thief in Santiago de Cuba

Editorial of CubitaNOW ~ Tuesday June 25, 2024

Yesterday, residents of the San Pedrito neighborhood in Santiago de Cuba captured a man allegedly involved in an attempted home robbery. The community, demonstrating a strong sense of neighborhood justice, held the suspect while they awaited the arrival of authorities.

According to information published on social networks by journalist Yosmany Mayeta Labrada, the incident occurred on Guardado Street, between Loynaz del Castillo and Pedrera. After holding the alleged thief for a considerable time and making multiple calls to the police, the community was forced to release him due to the inefficiency and lack of response from law enforcement. Upon being released, the suspect ran from the scene.

This event highlights not only the growing problem of insecurity in the region, but also the distrust and frustration of citizens towards the institutions in charge of ensuring their security. The lack of police response has generated deep concern among residents, who feel they must take justice into their own hands due to the absence of an effective and reliable system.

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