Will Cauca and Valle be a Metropolitan Area? The inhabitants will decide

Will Cauca and Valle be a Metropolitan Area? The inhabitants will decide
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Municipalities of northern Cauca and southern Valle will be Metropolitan Area

On November 24, the inhabitants of Cali, Candelaria, Dagua, Jamundí, Palmira and from the North Cauca municipalities Puerto Tejada and Villa Ricawill go to the polls to vote on the creation of the first Metropolitan Area in the southwest of Colombiaknown as AMSO. The National Registry has defined the date of this citizen consultation, in which it will be decided whether these localities will form a joint administrative entity.

For the results of the vote to be legally valid, a minimum participation of 5% of the population of each municipality involved is required. Of that 5%, half plus one must vote in favor for the integration to take place. Municipalities that do not reach this threshold will be excluded from the metropolitan area.

From the Cali Planning Departmenthave made an effort to debunk some myths about this consolidation, clarifying that the creation of Amso It does not mean that Cali will absorb the neighboring municipalities. According to article 38 of the metropolitan regime, the administrative acts of the metropolitan areas cannot violate the autonomy of the component municipalities.

A spokesperson for the Cali Planning Department highlighted the benefits of Amso for the region, highlighting the importance of articulated management between municipalities that addresses key dynamics such as the provision of public services, security and the care of natural resources.

The specialist Enrique Rodríguez, from Icesi University, stated that there is no risk that Cali will absorb neighboring municipalities, taking as an example the metropolitan area of Aburrá Valleywhere Medellín has not absorbed its municipalities despite its greater technical and financial capacity.

Rodríguez explained that, after the consultation, if the metropolitan area is approved, the municipalities must agree on its operation and formulate a Metropolitan Strategic Plan that defines the contributions and main projects. The management of national and local resources will be crucial for the execution of these projects.

Maria Isabel Ulloadirector of ProPacific, pointed out that citizen participation is vital to materialize this initiative. Furthermore, he mentioned that, although Yumbo is not currently included, it could join the metropolitan area in the future and participate in projects such as the Cercanías Train and the recovery of the Cauca River.

Finally, from the Cali Planning Department It was highlighted that the municipalities have already worked on joint goals and bilateral summits to promote actions in favor of their territories, inviting Yumbo to accompany and actively participate in this process.

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