In photos: three people injured left a strong multiple crash in Bucaramanga

Two of the victims were trapped in the body of a car after colliding with a turbo truck. Bucaramanga firefighters carried out the rescue.

A serious traffic accident occurred around 8:30 am this Tuesday, June 25, leaving three people injured.

The incident occurred on the road that leads from El Palenque to the Café Madrid neighborhood, near the Avisín poultry company, when, for reasons that are being investigated, three vehicles collided with each other.

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One of those involved was a Chevrolet Sprint car, license plate CBP-899, which was hit from behind by a turbo truck, license plate TTT-048.

The magnitude of the crash was such that the rear body of the small car was crushed, leaving both the driver and his passenger trapped in the front seats.

After the call from the community, the Bucaramanga Fire Department arrived at the scene to rescue the victims.


“With specialized equipment and personnel we managed to rescue these two people who were trapped in the front of the car. In three minutes the machine and several units arrived to attend to the emergency,” said Diego Rodríguez, director of the aforementioned relief organization.

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The driver of the Sprint was identified as Jhon Alexis Pinto Rondón, 26 years old; The authorities did not reveal the identity of the woman. A motorcyclist named Juan Carlos Galván Padilla was also injured in the road accident.


“The three injured were taken by ambulance to different hospital centers in the city to receive specialized care. The causes of the accident are the subject of investigation by the competent authorities,” added the Fire Department of the capital of Santander.


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