PDI delivered Public Account in Valparaíso – Radio Festival

PDI delivered Public Account in Valparaíso – Radio Festival
PDI delivered Public Account in Valparaíso – Radio Festival

Within the framework of the celebration of the 91 years of the creation of the Chilean Investigative Police, the head of the Valparaíso Police Region, inspector prefect, Guillermo Gálvez Carriel, delivered the traditional Public Account with the community, which announces the main police results of the management of the 2023 period, in a ceremony held in the Cultural Park of the Port City.

On the occasion, the highest authority of the PDI in the area highlighted the police actions carried out, which allowed the arrest of 2,916 people required by justice, proof of this is the work carried out by the Homicide Brigades, which had a 94% of effectiveness in its management and what was materialized by the Anti-Narcotics and Organized Crime Brigades of the region, which removed drugs valued at more than 134 billion pesos from circulation.

Furthermore, in his speech, he valued the decision of Director General Eduardo Cerna Lozano to create Money Laundering Brigades throughout the country, indicating that Valparaíso is no exception, that it is already operating and that it has officers specialized in economic crimes, drug trafficking and intelligence and that they seek to impoverish crime, so that it cannot continue operating, thus preventing its power of articulation.

Finally, in this ceremony, the awards were presented to the officials who completed 20 and 30 years of service, in addition to the Award for Excellence in Criminal Investigation, which recognizes the impeccable police management of 30 units in the country, which are have stood out for their contribution to Public and Citizen Security, distinguishing on this occasion the work of the Investigative Brigade of Crimes Against the Environment and Cultural Heritage Valparaíso, for its impeccable work in resolving the fire that affected Viña del Mar in December 2022.


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