How to get around Neiva during the holidays? See transportation routes

How to get around Neiva during the holidays? See transportation routes
How to get around Neiva during the holidays? See transportation routes

Neiva is in the last week of the festivities of San Juan and San Pedro. The celebrations began from June 14 and will go until July 1. Until now, the streets of the city have been filled with folk music and joy.

Celebrations in Neiva.

Photo:Neiva Mayor’s Office Facebook

The capital of the department of Huila, is one of the most visited locations at this time, both by tourists and Colombians.

A wide variety of events have been held over the course of the month. With the help of the Mayor’s Office, agents of the National Police and other authorities, The departmental government has managed the management of public spaces.

Regarding this, Mayor Germán Casagua Bonilla, made a call through Facebook to all people who attend and participate in the events that “help us by respecting authority, not using foam. So that in this way we can enjoy and enjoy the holidays in the best way.”

Transportation during celebrations

For its part, mobility will be partially affected only during the parades, which take place exclusively in official parade route. The route covers from La Madre Tierra, then taking the Ring Road and ends in Caracolí park.

.Neiva and its mobility.

Photo:Huila Chamber of Commerce

In addition, transportation alternatives are offered for those who want to attend the parades. The Strategic Public Transportation System has some routes designated for this.

  • From the north: 9,11,22, 28, 29, 63 and 73.
  • From the south: 22, 63, 73 and 90.
  • From the east: 9, 11 and 62.

Likewise, taxis are in normal operation. According to the statement issued by the Mayor’s Office through networks, certain agreements were established together with the leaders of the sector of these vehicles.

  1. “Sampedrina premium” will not be charged. That is, customers will not be charged any extra fees during these holidays.
  2. Mandatory use of taximeter in all races.
  3. Establishment means to report taxi drivers who fail to comply with the above: [email protected] or dial +57 3213560837.



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