VII Festival of Social Communication inaugurated

VII Festival of Social Communication inaugurated
VII Festival of Social Communication inaugurated

Havana, June 25 (ACN) In the context of the 33rd anniversary of the Cuban Association of Social Communicators (ACCS), which is commemorated today, the VII Festival of Social Communication was inaugurated, at the Casa del Alba, in this capital.

Rosa María Pérez Gutiérrez, national president of the ACCS, told the Cuban News Agency exclusively that the meeting was premised on the improvement of the union’s managers, professionals and technicians.

Pérez Gutiérrez highlighted that the festival is the first to be held after the approval of the Social Communication Law in the country, which is why different types of audiences need to be taken into account to achieve adequate implementation.

The interventions of the event were dedicated to the work of the ACCS throughout its 33 years of creation and the bases of the transition to a qualitatively higher stage due to the existence of the law itself, he explained.

During the day, the Espacio Awards were presented to the renowned academic Hilda Saladrigas Medina; to Marlene Vázquez Pérez, director of the Martian Studies Center, and Humberto Juan Fabián Suárez, president of the Country Brand Council, who have dedicated their lives to the service of communication.


In addition, recognition was granted to Rosa María Pérez Gutiérrez, who recently received the distinction of Ambassador of Public Relations, granted by the Council of Directors of the Inter-American Confederation of Public Relations.


The National Association of Social Communicators is a social organization with great impact on the development of the country.


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