Di Pierro valued Torres’ dialogic profile: “he has features of Das Neves, he seeks the unity of the province”

Di Pierro valued Torres’ dialogic profile: “he has features of Das Neves, he seeks the unity of the province”
Di Pierro valued Torres’ dialogic profile: “he has features of Das Neves, he seeks the unity of the province”

This Tuesday, through FM EL CHUBUT, the former mayor of Comodoro Rivadavia and representative of the PJ in Chubut, Nestor Di Pierroanalyzed the current situation of the province and the Justicialista Party (PJ) and in this context proposed unity and renewal, highlighting that the new generations “come with another drive.”

In a dialogue with INVINCIBLES, a program hosted by journalist Rodrigo Mansilla, Di Pierro valued the profile and way of approaching the management of Governor Ignacio Torres, to whom he clarified “I don’t know him,” but he stated that “I am committed to governance and what is best for the people.”

Torres “has a broad view, of adding and not so much partisanly positioned but positioned in defense of the interests of the people of Chubut.”

“The Governor is a young boy, with drive and planted on issues at the national level in defense of Patagonia, that is important and good,” he pondered in the current national context and considered that “Torres has some traits of our former governor Mario Das Neves, It tries to seek the unity of the province, to push the central issues in defense of the rights of the people of Chubut; and in that we have to accompany him.”


In another part of the conversation, he referred to the current situation of the PJ and stated that in the current national context ““First there are the people, then there are the ideological differences,” and it was in this aspect that from the PJ “we must accompany the good things for the growth of Chubut.”

“These are times in which those of us who have already turned around give way to the young people, who come with another drive, not so contaminated by old fights,” and along these lines he assessed that within the PJ ““There are mayors who are working alongside the Governor and I see the Governor not making partisan differences.”

He stated that “those who want to maintain personal confrontations or personal positions, without measuring the consequences, are going down the wrong path.”

Di Pierro reviewed that “disunity was never a good path” for Justicialism and that is why he proposed unity, added to the renewal of figures. “There are colleagues with long careers who have already completed a stage and must make way for the times to come,” he insisted.

He maintained that if this does not come to fruition, “people will fix it” and recalled in this sense that “Chubut Peronism has lost in the last 4 elections, Peronism has not had good results and that is the result of something, “There is no better message.”

As for those who should “step aside,” Di Pierro avoided giving names, but stressed that “many have already spent a lot of time in politics and people have already told them several times that no, they are the ones who should step aside.” side stand”.

“I have hope in many leaders who come, such as Gustavo Sastre, Othar Macharashvili, Maxi Sampaoli and Dante Bowen, among others. We have to bet on another dynamic in the party, the old have to be advisors, but the young have to build the path for the future,” he defined.

He closed by expressing that “beyond the differences, there is something that has to unite us and that is the defense of our people, the people of Chubut and our resources,” he concluded.

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