Deputies Longton and Celis ask the Comptroller’s Office to investigate and sanction the State’s responsibilities in sinkholes in Concón and Viña del Mar

Deputies Longton and Celis ask the Comptroller’s Office to investigate and sanction the State’s responsibilities in sinkholes in Concón and Viña del Mar
Deputies Longton and Celis ask the Comptroller’s Office to investigate and sanction the State’s responsibilities in sinkholes in Concón and Viña del Mar

The RN deputies Andrés Celis and Andrés Longton arrived at the Valparaíso Regional Comptroller’s Office to request their pronouncement and initiation of a summary investigation into the responsibilities of the State Administration bodies in relation to the maintenance and inspection of the rainwater collectors that caused sinkholes in Concón and Viña del Mar.

Events that in turn caused preventive evacuations and declarations of total disabling of the Kandinsky and Euromarina II buildings. The first located in Costa de Montemar de Concón, evacuated in August 2023 due to a large sinkhole that left it in danger of collapsing as a result of the rainfall that occurred at that time after the collapse of the rainwater collector; and the second, located in Reñaca in Viña del Mar, declared this week as uninhabitable, due to a sinkhole 15 meters wide and 30 meters deep that occurred on Sunday, June 9, as a result of the collapse of the rainwater collector after the frontal system. that affected the city in those days.

In the document entered into the Comptroller’s Office, the parliamentarians recognize that “While it is undeniable that sinkholes in these areas have been related to construction in active and stationary dune areas, which increases their vulnerability, the lack of adequate risk assessment before construction and poor management – both of The supervision of operation, such as maintenance and construction, of rainwater collectors are key causes of these problems. “The public authority must assume its responsibility in this matter and take effective measures to prevent future emergencies.”

In the presentation, reference is made to articles 1 and 2 of Law No. 19,525 – which Regulates Stormwater Evacuation and Drainage Systems – since they establish the duty of the state to “there are evacuation and drainage systems for rainwater that allow its easy runoff and disposal and prevent the damage that it may cause to people, homes and, in general, to urban infrastructure.” The responsibilities of the MOP and the MINVU in the planning, study, projection, construction, repair, maintenance and improvement of water evacuation and drainage systems are also addressed, in addition to the master plans and their approval.

In addition, situations are highlighted that reflect what can be considered irregularities, negligence or passive actions by the authorities. For all of the above, deputies Longton and Celis asked the Comptroller’s Office for a statement on which agency is responsible for the repair, maintenance and improvement of the network of rainwater evacuation and drainage systems where the buildings affected by the sinkholes are located. . For this they asked the controlling entity to request the necessary information from the Ministers of Housing and Urban Planning and Public Works, Carlos Montes and Jessica López, the mayor of Viña del Mar, Macarena Ripamonti and all those who deem relevant. With this they hope that the control body will prepare an administrative summary to clarify and establish responsibilities regarding the repair, maintenance, inspection and improvement processes of the rainwater collectors in the communities of Concón and Viña del Mar, applying sanctions to the responsible.

In this regard the deputy Andrés Celis indicated that “The neighbors demand, and we also believe it is necessary, that it be an independent entity, that can point us out, that can clarify who is responsible for the sinkholes in the Euromarina II and the Kandinsky. And today we have several answers. One says that it is the Directorate of Hydraulic Works, others say that it is the Serviu, others say that it would be the municipality of Viña del Mar. We know that it is the State, but the State is very broad and we want it to be the Comptroller General in this case. of the Republic who declares through an opinion who is going to respond to the owners, their damages and which is the body that, through the law, is responsible for compensating all the damages, the damages that they have had to weigh due to this negligence of the State.”

Celis Montt added that “I want that responsibility not to remain in simple words or in heavenly music, because it is very easy to speak, it is very easy to say or pronounce words. It is very different to become responsible, and to be responsible is to do works and it is also to respond monetarily, pecuniarily, financially, and also to make your positions available when that is appropriate.”

For his part, the Deputy Andrés Longton emphasized that “Regardless of the responsibilities that may exist for the works that were carried out in the secondary collectors by the inhabitants of said building, there is a responsibility of the State for not supervising as appropriate and not protecting the lives of the residents of said place, despite despite the successive warnings made by the residents of Euromarina II that this rainwater collector was not in good condition. And even though the Kandinsky thing happened, one says, what has to happen for someone to take responsibility for this type of situation? Because the truth is that the ball is thrown between everyone and that obviously denotes that there is evident negligence on the part of those who had the obligation to precisely ensure the tranquility of the neighbors, in this case the municipality, the Ministry of Housing, in the first case. the Directorate of Hydraulic Works, the Ministry of Public Works. Therefore, it seems to me here that the Comptroller’s Office has to investigate, has to supervise and determine the corresponding administrative responsibilities.”

The parliamentarian also highlighted the passive actions of the authorities, indicating that “There are reports from the municipality of Viña del Mar, there are complaints from neighbors, so what one wonders is why was there no sense of urgency? Why did the municipality not supervise, did not make the corresponding complaints regarding the constructions or modifications that were made in this secondary collector? Why didn’t Serviu activate more quickly, understanding that there was an obvious risk to people’s lives here? All these types of situations have to be revealed by the Comptroller’s Office because it cannot be that no one mutually assumes responsibility for the obligations that correspond to them, if we are talking about public resources that maintain these services so that officials have the corresponding responsibility. to take charge of their obligations.”

Both legislators also agree that if necessary, there are authorities who will have to leave their positions. “It will have to be like that, but it cannot be that the neighbors are making the corresponding complaints and there is no type of response, the bureaucracy, the lack of sense of urgency, the lack of speed in being able to prevent these situations is something that has in a dilemma and a deep crisis for our State”, Deputy Longton finished.

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