The Ercilla Plan Transforms one of the Poorest Communes in Chile

The Ercilla Plan Transforms one of the Poorest Communes in Chile
The Ercilla Plan Transforms one of the Poorest Communes in Chile

In a hopeful turn for one of the most disadvantaged communities in Chile, the Minister of the Interior, Carolina Toháannounced the Ercilla Planan ambitious project that will inject more than 32 billion pesos to improve the quality of life of the inhabitants of this town.

Ercilla, located in the La Araucanía Region, has long been one of the poorest communes in the country, with low access to basic services and a high rate of overcrowding. Faced with this reality, the government has decided to take drastic measures to reverse this situation and give its residents the opportunity to prosper.

A Comprehensive Plan to Transform Ercilla

He Ercilla Plan It contemplates no less than 50 specific measures to address the challenges facing this commune. From the improvement of the Family Health Center (CESFAM) and the creation of a New Emergency Primary Care Service (SAPU)until the advice to incorporate technical-professional training at the Liceo Alonso de Ercilla and the subsidy to the Rural School Transportation servicethis comprehensive plan seeks to attack the root problems.

But the plan doesn’t stop there. It also contemplates the construction of a new branch of Banco Estado in the commune, providing residents with better access to financial services and economic development opportunities.

Criticisms and Challenges

Although the announcement of Ercilla Plan has been received with enthusiasm by many, it has not been without criticism. During the presentation event, a mapuche leader rebuked Minister Tohá for the high penalties that have been requested for community members arrested for acts of violence. This tension reflects the complexity of the situation in the region and the need to address the problems comprehensively, including all parties involved.

Despite these challenges, the Ercilla Plan represents a unique opportunity to transform the lives of the inhabitants of this commune. With an unprecedented injection of resources and a holistic approach, the government hopes to lift Ercilla out of its lag and provide it with a more prosperous and equitable future.


He Ercilla Plan It is a bold and necessary step to address the deep inequalities that have plagued this commune for too long. While facing challenges and criticism, this plan represents a historic opportunity to improve the quality of life of Ercilla residents and lay the foundation for more inclusive and sustainable development in the region.


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