Anderson Hernández, the police officer who was kidnapped in Cúcuta and appeared dead in Arauca

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Jun 25, 2024

04:10 p.m. m.

Anderson Hernández Villar, a 38-year-old police officer from Bucaramanga, was found dead in Arauca. The uniformed man had been kidnapped on May 18 on the border with Venezuela, when he was going to visit his father.

The identification of Hernández’s body in Arauquita was thanks to a tattoo he had from the National Police.

Kidnapped in Cúcuta

Non-commissioned officer Anderson Hernández left on vacation in May from Bucaramanga, where he worked as a member of the Mutis CAI, to Cúcuta. The uniformed man wanted to go to Venezuela to visit his father, but he never made it to the neighboring country.

According to his partner, who was with Hernández at the time of the kidnapping, on May 18 they were intercepted by armed men, who kidnapped the man when they found out that he was a police officer. That was the last time they saw him alive.

Who kidnapped him?

At the time, Mariela Hernández, the police officer’s mother, confirmed the kidnapping of her son and asked his captors to respect his life; However, the woman was never asked for money to rescue her.

“Respect his life, he has small children and a mother and father who are waiting for him”he said at the time.

The causes of the kidnapping and subsequent murder of police officer Anderson Hernández Villar are the subject of investigation by the Prosecutor’s Office; The non-commissioned officer’s mother suspected that her son was in the hands of the ELN, but this version is not confirmed.

The uniformed man had more than 20 years of service in the National Police.


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