Marcela Sierra Cuello took office as the new City Manager

Marcela Sierra Cuello took office as the new City Manager
Marcela Sierra Cuello took office as the new City Manager

This morning, Mayor Carlos Pinedo Cuello installed Marcela Sierra Cuello as the new City Manager. A role that entails the challenge of promoting positive transformations in the city in view of the commemoration of the 500 years of Santa Marta and the strategic projects and goals that are being promoted in the Santa Marta 500 More Development Plan.

For Marcela Sierra, a specialist in Government and Public Policy with nearly 17 years of experience in strategic areas such as corporate communications, political strategies, crisis management, regulatory affairs and public-private alliances, the commemoration of the 500 years of Santa Marta represents, “the traction vehicle we need to connect with Mayor Pinedo Cuello’s vision of the future of the city,” adding that, “As a woman, like Samaria, I feel honored to return to my roots and be part of the beginning of this transformation of city, united by a common purpose.”

The City Management, an entity of the Mayor’s Office, will be in charge of supporting the management and fulfillment of the objectives, promoting balanced and competitive urban development. Highlighting the historical, present and future relevance of the first city founded in Colombia, promoting competitiveness as a key axis of transformation.

“This task goes beyond the commemoration of the 500 years of this vibrant and life-filled city; “We must attract national and international capital and promote the environment conducive to investment and local and regional development in innovative and high-impact projects for the sustainable growth of the city,” said Carlos Pinedo Cuello, Mayor of Santa Marta, during the event. possession.

Experience and trajectory

Marcela Sierra Cuello has dedicated her career to contributing to sustainable development and social innovation from a comprehensive and strategic perspective. Previously, she served as Head of Public Affairs and Regulatory Strategy for Latin America at Polymateria, a British company that manufactures and markets biodegradable technology for polyethylene and polypropylene, aligned with global strategies to combat plastic pollution. In that role, she coordinated the management of regulatory affairs, political advocacy and strategic communication for the region.

Additionally, Sierra served as Chief of Staff and Private Secretary of the Ministry of Environment and Sustainable Development of Colombia, where she led the legislative and political strategy and strategic relationships for environmental management and national public policy, with influence in international spheres.

Vision and strategy for Santa Marta

Marcela Sierra proposes a strategic approach for the development of Santa Marta, with the vision of a “city manager” who links and facilitates the structuring and articulation of alliances with the actors of the local and regional economic ecosystem and also with the different national organizations and international. This strategy focuses on the continuous improvement of the administration and on improving citizens’ perception of public management. Do not lose closeness with citizens.

Sierra emphasizes that the city must be positioned with a vision of the future, understanding that transformations in the city must occur in a cyclical and orderly manner. By promoting the construction of adequate infrastructure, access to basic services, the protection of natural resources and the promotion of sustainable economic activity, the focus can be placed on other areas of interest for the evolution of the territory such as tourism and transformation digital. He also highlights that Santa Marta is the second city in the country to contemplate a management focused on strategies.

Competitiveness and transparency.

Competitiveness and the execution of well-thought-out public policies are key to the development of the city. Between now and July 29, important advances are expected, and after that date, significant and positive changes are expected.

Marcela Sierra highlights the crucial role played by synergistic and articulated work between the public and private sectors, civil society, academia, the international community and banking; all focused on a common agenda on a global scale. “What differentiates us from others is what really makes us unique,” ​​said Sierra Cuello. The national and international image that is projected will attract different actors of interest to the territory and promote sustainable development of the city.

Santa Marta is in a unique position to take advantage of its 500 years of history and project itself into a promising future. With the strategic leadership of Marcela Sierra Cuello and the collaboration of all sectors of society, the city can reach new levels of development and well-being for all its inhabitants.

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