They aim to generate energy through solar panels in CAPS and schools in Tucumán

They aim to generate energy through solar panels in CAPS and schools in Tucumán
They aim to generate energy through solar panels in CAPS and schools in Tucumán

The provincial government, through Ersept and with the support of the Chamber of Renewable Energy, seeks to apply these technologies within the next two years.

The provincial government aims to modernize the energy provision system in the field of public health and education, through a plan promoted by the Tucumán Public Services Regulatory Entity (Ersept).

The head of the control body, José Ricardo Ascárateannounced to LA GACETA that progress is being made with the efforts to install solar panels in different establishments – especially in the interior -, in an investment that will be financed through the Tucumán Provincial Electric Energy Fund (Fpeet).

“First we are going to work with the primary health care centers (CAPS) in isolated areas, so that they all have solar panels. Some have already been done through the Permer (Renewable Energy Project in Rural Markets), but the objective is to reach all CAPS in the interior within the next two years so that 50% of the energy comes from alternative sources,” Ascárate pointed out.

The Ersept controller added that the intention is to add reference polyclinics in the interior, such as the San José and Lomas de Tafí centers, where different types of health services are provided. “They are true supports for the hospital system,” he said.

The second stage of the plan, the engineer explained, will focus on the education system. All this, Ascárate added, will also translate into a 50% reduction in the costs faced by the provincial government for the electric service in these areas.

“Immense” resources

The idea of ​​modernizing the energy system is promoted by Ersept, together with the Chamber of Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency of Tucumán (Ceret).

The president of this civil association, Alexis Custodio, explained in dialogue with LA GACETA that Tucumán has “immense” energy resources based on solar radiation. “30% of Germany’s energy matrix is ​​powered by photovoltaic sources. We have more than double the generation potential, but it is wasted,” said the architect.

Although the two-year period to reach all CAPS seems limited, Custodio considered that “it is totally feasible,” given that “there are not many buildings.” In that sense, the president of the Ceret valued “the new vision” implemented by the provincial government in this matter, and pointed out that those associated with the Chamber are developing the projects with the objective that “technology accompanies the change.” “This change is based on applying current technologies. It is something that is proven worldwide, and is indisputable. The governor (Osvaldo) Jaldo He instructed the engineer Ascárate in that sense, which will allow Tucumán to mark a path in the north, taking advantage of natural resources that the province has today, and in a very high potential,” he emphasized.

Custodio highlighted that this energy generation and supply system is not only less expensive in economic terms, but is also characterized by being environmentally sustainable. Even, he explained, it allows reaching establishments that are not connected to the network. “In a high mountain school, for example, technology now allows the use of lithium batteries that last more than 20 years,” he noted.


The joint work between the Public Services Regulatory Entity and the Chamber of Renewable Energy has already been reflected in the incorporation of new devices for electrodependent people. According to Ascárate, these devices can operate for 12 hours continuously. “It does not have an engine, so it does not pollute the environment,” said the head of Ersept. Custodio explained that, in addition to this alternative, Ceret is bringing forward other proposals, such as solar garages for public buildings. “Instead of a half shade, the panels are installed, and you give the same space another use, which is energy generation. They are all benefits, and that is the premise,” he summarized.

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