They capture alias La Patacona in charge of making extortionate payments in Huila

They capture alias La Patacona in charge of making extortionate payments in Huila
They capture alias La Patacona in charge of making extortionate payments in Huila

The authorities carried out an operation in the municipalities of Rivera, Aipe and Villavieja, in which the capture by court order of four members who were part of the Central General Staff, Jorge Suárez Briceño Block, Darío Gutiérrez Front, dedicated to choosing merchants in the capital of Huila and other municipalities of Huila to extort them.

In the operation Notebooks, communications radios, cell phones and other items were found and were seized by the Police Gaula. According to the authorities, through intimidating messages and threatening pamphlets, they made financial demands on companies and merchants that were noted in a notebook.

Colonel Carlos Eduardo Téllez Betancourt, commander of the Police Department in Huila, assured that “Some of the municipalities of Huila affected by these criminals were: Neiva, Gigante, San Agustín, Garzón and Villavieja, “The productive sector of this last municipality suffered for several months the agony of these criminals who today are behind bars.”

The notes would be physical evidence of the payments for the structure, which were made by the members of this criminal organization led by alias La Patacona.

According to preliminary information and the investigation initiated by the authorities, alias La Patacona The agenda included the names of the companies and people who paid extortions and those who owed criminal income to this organization.

In addition, ‘La Paisa’, ‘Jairo’ and ‘El Negro’, in charge of logistics and delivery of pamphlets, were captured.

These people moved through Neiva and other areas of the department of Huila such as Villavieja, Gigante, Garzón and San Agustín, with the purpose of identifying commercial establishments, whom, Through threats, pamphlets and the installation of improvised explosive devices, they made economic demands.

The operations in which 50 uniformed personnel participated began in Rivera, Huila. There, through search and arrest warrants, alias La Patacona, a 33-year-old woman who was obeying orders from Jhonny Vásquez, was arrested.

It is presumed that She was the leader of the support network for residual structures and that extortionist actions against the productive unions of the department were planned in his home.

“Within Among the seized items, there is a booklet controlling extortion payments that these criminals carried. and that allows us to infer that they had an approximate monthly profitability of more than $2,000 million pesos,” said Téllez, Huila police commander.

“Today we want to send a message to the merchants, ranchers, coffee growers, farmers of the department of Huila, These captures that we have made during the last days in the department are the result of the trust that you have deposited in us, the complaint was essential to capture these 4 extortionists and the others who are already in jail.”

Alias ​​La Patacona is considered a key player within the dismantled structure, thanks to the effective action of the Public Force and the Prosecutor’s Office, she was the one who ordered the extortions and delivery of summons pamphlets to the productive sector.

This operation is a blow to the heart of extortion in the north of the department of Huila, which had overwhelmed the merchants, farmers, ranchers and other productive sectors of the region.

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