Computer fraud gangs dismantled in Santa Marta

Computer fraud gangs dismantled in Santa Marta
Computer fraud gangs dismantled in Santa Marta

In a joint operation by the National Police, seven individuals linked to the criminal gangs ‘Los Tunantes’ and ‘Los Fulleros’, known for their activities in computer and bank card fraud, were captured.

The arrests are part of a coordinated effort to dismantle these criminal structures, responsible for more than 80 cases of fraud throughout the country.

The police intervention took place in several cities, including Cali, Bogotá and Santa Marta. In the capital of Magdalena, the operations were carried out on public roads in the city center, resulting in the capture of several key members of these criminal organizations.

During the raids, authorities seized more than 50 fraudulent credit and debit cards and two vehicles used by criminals. The operations in other locations were carried out in the Andrés Sanín, Morichal and Municipal neighborhoods of Cali, as well as in the town of Ciudad Bolívar in Bogotá.

The modus operandi of these gangs, known as the ‘cambiazo’, took advantage of the victims’ moments of carelessness while carrying out transactions with their cards. Through deception, the criminals managed to exchange the original cards for similar ones and observed the personal keys, subsequently allowing them to carry out fraudulent transactions.

The National Police continues with investigations to determine the full scope of the activities of these gangs and prevent future crimes. Authorities have emphasized the importance of citizens keeping their personal and financial data secure, and reporting any suspicious activity immediately.

Formal charges are expected to be filed against those detained in the coming days, as police reinforce their efforts to protect the community of Santa Marta and other regions affected by this type of crime.


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