They found the body of the police mayor who had been kidnapped on May 18

They found the body of the police mayor who had been kidnapped on May 18
They found the body of the police mayor who had been kidnapped on May 18

The uniformed man appeared lifeless after, allegedly, having been kidnapped by the ELN near the border with Venezuela – credit Camila Díaz/ Colprensa

On the morning of Tuesday, June 25, 2024, the death of the Bucaramanga police mayor Anderson Alberto Hernández Villar, 38, who had been kidnapped in mid-May of this year, was confirmed.

As indicated by Legal Medicine, The body of the former uniformed man, who had multiple gunshot wounds, was found in the rural area of ​​Arauquita, Arauca. The agencies in charge managed to identify the body of Hernández Villamizar because he had the National Police shield tattooed on one of his arms.

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The member of the public force was kidnapped on May 18, 2024, when armed men intercepted him on a road that connects Cúcuta with Venezuela. The police officer was traveling with his partner to the neighboring country in order to visit his father, who resides in the municipality of San Josecito, in the state of Táchira.

Anderson Alberto Hernández Villar would have been murdered by the ELN – credit @elmeridiano_co/X

Nevertheless, Upon realizing that Hernández Villamizar was a police officer, the criminals put him on a truck, along with his motorcycle, and took him to an unknown destination. For their part, the victim’s partner was left at the place where they were held, presumably, in order for them to make known what had happened.

“What the girlfriend told the police officer’s father was that they put him on a truck with the motorcycle, letting her go to report what happened,” reads a report from the National Police.

Thus, the woman, who would be a Venezuelan national, returned to Bucaramanga, where they had resided for a few months, and explained the situation to her family members. Faced with this, the victim’s mother had requested the release of the uniformed man, whom she stressed was the father of a family.

The uniformed man remained missing since May 18, 2024 – credit Attorney General’s Office

“The last thing they informed me was that he was traveling to Villa del Rosario to meet his father and some uncles, then I didn’t know anything else. They called me to tell me that they had kidnapped him. This is very painful, I ask whoever has it to return it, he is the father of two small children“commented Mariela Villa, mother of Hernández Villar, to Blu Radio.

The uniformed man had joined the ranks of the National Police for more than 20 years and served in the CAI of the Mutis neighborhood of Bucaramanga. In addition, Hernández Villar had two children, one 9 and the other 11 years old.

Although it is not confirmed, among the hypotheses that the authorities use is that The Carlos Germán Velasco Villamizar urban front of the National Liberation Army (ELN), which is present in the border area between Norte de Santander and the state of Táchira, would have been the criminal structure responsible for the crime.

The ELN operates mainly in Norte de Santander – credit Christian Escobar Mora/ EFE

The murder of the uniformed man was announced days after the National Army denounced that the ELN, which is supposed to advance a peace process with the national government, carried out an attack in one of the road corridors of the Coffee Region, in the center from the country.

“Members of the ELN seeking to take control of a mobility corridor in Risaralda violated the ceasefire agreement, incinerated a dump truck and attacked the troops of the National Army,” they denounced in a statement.

The events were recorded on Wednesday, June 19, in the Santa Rita village, rural area of ​​Pueblo Rico, Risaralda. As the authorities explained, insurgents, apparently from the Manuel Hernández front of the ELN, illegally closed a road and set fire to a vehicle that remained in the area.

From the National Army they denounced that the ELN broke the ceasefire – credit National Army

Subsequently, uniformed members of the National Army arrived at the scene, which generated an exchange of gunfire.

“The troops of the N Campaign Antillery Battalion.” 8, who were in the area, approached the scene and entered into combat with this armed structure. It is important to highlight that the soldiers in the area carry out military stability operations to protect the civilian population and in the former strategic axes, blocking the passage of this armed group from the department of Chocó to Risaralda,” they explained from the National Army.

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