Bullrich declares that the case of the disappearance of the 5-year-old boy in Argentina becomes confidential

Bullrich declares that the case of the disappearance of the 5-year-old boy in Argentina becomes confidential
Bullrich declares that the case of the disappearance of the 5-year-old boy in Argentina becomes confidential

BUENOS AIRES (AP) — The Minister of Security of Argentina, Patricia Bullrich, indicated on Tuesday that the case involving the disappearance of a 5-year-old child 12 days ago becomes confidential and that there will be sanctions for those who put the investigation at risk. which points to a possible human trafficking network.

Bullrich met with local authorities and the judge handling the case in Goya, in the province of Corrientes where Loan Danilo Peña was last seen, and indicated that the file will go to federal jurisdiction in the next few hours for the possible crime of kidnapping of person

The minister did not give details about whether there is progress in the search for the minor, which is keeping the country in suspense.

The 5-year-old boy has been missing for 12 days since noon on Thursday, June 13, when he was at lunch with relatives at his paternal grandmother’s home. The place is a humble country house near the town of 9 de Julio.

There are six people in preventive detention, including an uncle of the minor and a police commissioner accused of alleged cover-up. The other five are accused of recruiting people for exploitation purposes.

The minister held a meeting of about three and a half hours with the judge handling the case, Cristina Elizabeth Pozzer Penzo, and stated that from now on there will be confidentiality in the investigation. “Every piece of information that is made public can endanger the situation,” she justified.

He also warned that there will be “sanctions for those who may jeopardize the investigation.”

The disappearance of the minor, which has captured the attention of Argentine public opinion, has mobilized different security forces – between provincial and federal – who have already raked some 30,000 hectares.

Argentine officials began working jointly on Monday with the police of Paraguay and Brazil, neighboring countries and close to 9 de Julio. That population is 200 kilometers south of Paraguayan territory.

The previous day, the Minister of Security questioned the “not very thorough” investigation that the Corrientes justice system had carried out in the first phase of the investigation and rejected the fact that they were only able to access the file on Monday.

One of those arrested is the town’s commissioner, Walter Maciel, who is accused of alleged cover-up. “These are the things that hurt a lot,” Bullrich commented. “It always hurts when someone wearing a uniform ends up arrested.”

The other five suspects are a couple made up of a retired sailor and a former official from the town of 9 de Julio, as well as an uncle of the boy and a couple who are friends of the latter.

Most of the suspects participated in lunch at their grandmother’s house on June 13. Investigators are trying to determine if the detained couple could have transported Loan Danilo Peña in a van and a car on the day of her disappearance, after trained dogs detected traces of the minor in both vehicles.

“We came to organize the search for this disappearance so that this Loan case reaches a happy outcome,” declared Bullrich.

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