More than 200 tires recovered in Reyes

More than 200 tires recovered in Reyes
More than 200 tires recovered in Reyes

The Municipality of San Salvador de Jujuy carried out a new edition of the Neumatón program, focused on the collection of disused tires from residents of the various districts of the city, with the aim of recycling them through agreements with private companies. On this occasion, the collection center was established in the Villa Jardín de Reyes delegation, and the day had significant participation from neighbors, reaching the number of more than 200 tires collected.

On the subject, the Secretary of Planning and Environment, Adriana Díaz, highlighted the collaboration of the neighbors and the joint work with various areas of the municipality, “on this occasion we carried it out in the Western district, in the Reyes delegation, and we received “A great collaboration, we work together in several areas such as the Directorate of Citizen Participation and the Directorate of Environmental Management, carrying out door-to-door contact, working with the residents of Reyes and los Molinos.”

Diaz stated that at the time around 210 tires were recovered, “this allows us to work with the company Holcim, with whom we have an agreement, and Geocycle, which is also a party. There we take all this material that they use as fuel, then they stop using gas and use this fuel tire for the production of cement, so the truth is that we are very happy, since it had a very good response from the neighbors.” Given the success, the municipality will continue with the program, extending it to other neighborhoods, “we are going to continue touring the different districts, we will surely be communicating in which places we return and we are also going to do two days for each district.”

For his part, the Secretary of Government, Ezequiel Aldao Fascio, highlighted the importance of continuity in this program, “in this case we are again with the new Neumatón day, working together with the secretariats. What we intend is precisely to recycle the tires, to keep them off the street, to have the neighbors go to the Reyes delegation, which is the collection center that we have established on this occasion, and we call on the neighbor to do the effort to bring the disused tires closer, every time there is a tire, so that they are not collecting water, especially with the problem of dengue that is still current. “All this movement has to do with recycling and caring for the environment as an objective that the municipality has had for many years.”


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