On Sunday Cali will run at the pace of the ‘4.2K Ascent to Siloé’

On Sunday Cali will run at the pace of the ‘4.2K Ascent to Siloé’
On Sunday Cali will run at the pace of the ‘4.2K Ascent to Siloé’

The launch of the ‘4.2K Ascent to Siloam’ athletic competition had a great turnout.

  • The ‘4.2K Ascent to Siloé’ is an athletic competition that will be held on Sunday, June 30, starting at 7:00 in the morning in this emblematic neighborhood of Comuna 20 of Cali.
  • The race is free, like all those organized by the Cali Department of Sports and Recreation. However, it requires prior registration through the district body’s social networks.
  • The inhabitants of Siloé were linked to accompany the logistics of the event.

Santiago de Cali, June 25, 2024

This Sunday (06/30/2024), very early and from the top of the Commune 20you can see the majesty of Santiago de Cali walking or running the athletic competition called ‘4.2K Ascent to Siloam’.

After the ‘4.2K Historical’which toured the center of the capital of Valle del Cauca, this is the second athletic test of the program Runs and Walks, whose objective is to promote physical activity in all sectors of the District.

The official presentation of the competition was made on Tuesday (25.06.2024) with the participation of the Secretary of Sports and Recreation of Cali, Felipe Montoya; officials of the Secretariat of Security and District Justice; the president of the Vallecaucana Athletics League, Eliana Cruz; and members of the city’s media.

“The community in the sector has been the best; They have accompanied us since the design of the route, they are going to accompany us in the logistics and several are going to run with us. Siloé is a berraquera, with spectacular people, with a wonderful view and colorful staircase streets. This neighborhood has everything to enjoy, tour guides and people waiting for us to enjoy the race.”said Secretary Montoya.

Participants are scheduled to meet on Sunday at 6:30 am in the El Pueblo Coliseum parking lot: the warm-up begins at 6:45 am; the formal events at 6:55 am and the official departure is at 7:00 in the morning.

“The community will always receive these initiatives with joy, since over time we have felt the issue of stigmatization. Seeing athletes on Sunday and cheering them on is going to be a cool experience for us. What Siloé is experiencing has been due to the same community, which wants to improve the vision of the city.”said Luis Ricardo Sánchez, social leader of the neighborhood.

For Juan Manuel Velasco, program coordinator Runs and Walkshe ‘Ascent to Siloam’ It has been a dream. “Everything is ready and willing; the entire logistics part and the community. “They have received us very well since we started and that is why we will have their support during the competition”he assured.

Keep three details in mind…

1. The ‘4.2K Ascent to Siloam’ will feature the participation of some 2,500 competitors.

2. Registration is free and since Wednesday (06/26/2024) will open link in the networks of the Ministry of Sports and Recreation of Cali.

3. Those who register can claim the kits Saturday (06/29/2024), between 8:00 am and 5:00 pm at the Simón Carbonell Softball Diamond, of the Jaime Aparicio Sports Unit.

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