They rescue 20 people trapped by an avalanche at the Lagunillas ski center

They rescue 20 people trapped by an avalanche at the Lagunillas ski center
They rescue 20 people trapped by an avalanche at the Lagunillas ski center

This Monday, rescue teams managed to evacuate in good health conditions 12 adults and eight children who were isolated in the shelter of the Lagunillas ski center, in San José de Maipo. Tourists were unable to return after an avalanche of snow cut off the road.

The rescue was carried out by Carabineros personnel, the Municipality of San José de Maipo and specialized rescuers. After a walk of approximately two kilometers, the rescue teams managed to reach the shelter and evacuate the 20 trapped people. The heavy snowfall and the interruption of the road made it impossible for tourists to descend on their own.

Once evacuated from the shelter, Those rescued were taken on foot to a meeting point, where relief units, including an ambulance, were waiting for them. The adults walked with specialized snow equipment, while the children were transported on sleighs to ensure your safety during the descent.

The provincial presidential delegate of Cordillera, Alejandra Cortesexpressed satisfaction with the result of the rescue: “We are extremely satisfied with the work carried out today, particularly in the rescue of 20 people who were in the Lagunillas shelter, at the ski center, where they were like tourists. Of them, 12 adults and eight children, whom we were able to transfer to the center of San José de Maipo.”

Cortés also reported that 11 workers remain in Lagunillas. “They are in good condition, with provisions, heating and telephone connection. They will remain there until the Road Works clear the way”, he explained. He added that the clearing work will continue in the coming hours to allow safe transit on the route to Lagunillas. The rescued people are in good health and have been sent to their homes.

The operation involved members of the provincial presidential delegation, units of the municipality of San José de Maipo, Andean relief and members of the Carabineros sub-police station of the commune. In addition, Cortés highlighted the importance of cooperation between the different institutions to carry out the rescue efficiently and safely.

To prevent similar incidentsCarabineros has suspended traffic at km 5 towards Lagunillas due to the insistence of some tourists to access the winter center. The measure seeks to guarantee the safety of visitors and avoid similar risk situations.

He Lagunillas ski center, known for its stunning landscapes and attractive slopes, has become a popular destination for both domestic and international tourists. However, recent snowfall has increased risks in the area, underscoring the need for caution and proper preparation for those planning to visit mountainous areas during the winter.

This successful rescue highlights the ability and commitment of emergency teams to face challenges in adverse weather conditions, ensuring the safety and well-being of tourists in the region.

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