New measures defined to reduce electricity rates in the country

New measures defined to reduce electricity rates in the country
New measures defined to reduce electricity rates in the country

The Ministry of Mines and Energy and the Energy and Gas Regulatory Commission (CREG) They agreed on new measures aimed at reducing electricity rates in different regions of the country.

The energy portfolio reported that new measures adopted with the CREG are added to the agreement that was reached at the beginning of this month with seven energy marketing companies to reduce the rates of home electricity service on the Colombian Caribbean Coast.

“The Ministry has received signals from other companies that also wish to be linked to these initiatives (of rate reduction) and new achievements in this regard will be communicated soon,” The Ministry of Energy reported in a statement,

And he adds that, as part of the commitments made with users on the Caribbean Coast and other regions, progress is being made in defining a new tariff framework.

Among other measures and regulatory projects adopted with the CREG, the Ministry of Mines and Energy reported that the following were adopted:

– Scarcity Price of the Reliability Charge, Analysis of Adjustment Alternatives. The CREG in its 1321st session approved the publication of document CREG 901 098 of 2024, through which it seeks to define the signals in the maximum scarcity prices for each generation technology. This means that users will not pay higher prices to generation plants, when they can deliver their energy at low prices.

– CREG Resolution Project 701 038 2024. This standard determines the remuneration for the activity of marketing electric energy to regulated users in the National Interconnected System, the costs reported by the agent are disaggregated, the recognized costs are affected with an efficiency model, service quality incentives are integrated, The portfolio risk premium is updated and the variables are updated to provide liquidity to the market.

– Draft Resolution CREG 701 049, which seeks to verify and adjust the maximum price of the stock market, so that the generation price of the last thermal plant dispatched is never exceeded. This measure reduces the prices of the generation component of the rate to the end user.

(With information from the Ministry of Mines and Energy)


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