The Attorney General’s Office requests a risk report from the mayor of Neiva in several educational institutions

Given the poor conditions of the infrastructure of several educational institutions in NeivaNeiva, The Attorney General’s Office asked Mayor Germán Casagua for a report with the efforts to address the priority intervention needs in five schools officers who, presumably, are located in a high-risk area.

The control entity referred to the recent report prepared by the Municipal Council Commission, which describes the serious conditions of the educational facilities, especially the Roberto Durán Alvira secondary headquarters, located in the town of Vegalarga, of which it is mentioned that there is a court ruling that orders its relocation as soon as possible.

The Attorney General’s Office states that, in effect, The local representative must report the measures that the administration will implement for the José Eustasio Rivera educational institutions, Ciudad Jardín headquarters; Higher Normal School, Motilón headquarters; Juan de Cabrera, South Eastern headquarters; and Chapinero, Lebanon headquarters, which, as indicated in the aforementioned document, are located in a declared risk area.

Finally, The control entity reiterated to the mayor his obligation regarding the effective enjoyment of the right to education of the school population of the municipality of Neiva, For this reason, it is necessary that the educational centers of that territorial entity have the conditions that allow the materialization of this right.


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