Femicide of Marisa in Allen: Pedro Acuña will go to trial by jury and they have already confirmed the start date

After eight months of that tragic episode in which Marisa Galdame died in the hands of who was then her partner, Pedro Rafael Acuña, The Public Prosecutor’s Office reported that The trial for femicide already has a start date. The accused will face a popular jury.

Marisa’s femicide It occurred during the early hours of October 30 of last year in a home in Allen. Acuña, lHe stabbed him several times and then tried to take his own life.. After days in the hospital, the aggressor recovered and the Justice took him to a hearing to file the corresponding charges for what he committed.

After the charges were laid, Acuña remained detained waiting for a trial against him that already has a date for the coming months. This week the Prosecutor’s Office confirmed that the hearings to control the accusation of the prosecutor’s file that investigated the femicide and They announced that it was resolved that the jury trial will take place on August 6, 7 and 8.

«The Public Prosecutor’s Office, The private attorney of the accused and the plaintiff reviewed the evidence they have to prove their theories of the case. and that will be heard in the jury trial,” they noted.

In turn, they reported thatThe 70 people who must attend the Judicial City of Roca on August 5 for the jury selection hearing were drawn. They explained that the draw for “potential jurors” was held days ago with the participation of the local director of the Judicial Office, the accused connected via Zoom from his place of detention in Viedma, his private lawyer, the representative of the Public Prosecutor’s Office and the plaintiff attorney representing the victim’s family.

Marisa’s femicide in Allen: the fact

He aberrant act of gender violence occurred on Monday, October 30 around 2 in the morning at the victim’s house, in the Islas Malvinas neighborhood of Allen.

The woman was found lifeless on the floor of the dining room of the house and next tolay Pedro Rafael Acuñahis partner, with a knife in his hand.

These people had a relationship and two children in common, who would have been at the scene of the events and were the ones who reported what had happened. According to police sourcesthe two children went to seek help from a neighbor and they told him that his father had killed his mother.

When found, the The man had a wound on his neck and had lost a lot of blood. According to the first hypotheses, the injury would have been self-inflicted. After this he remained hospitalized in intensive care at the Allen hospital, with a reserved prognosis.

Femicide of Marisa in Allen: charges against Acuña

On November 9, 2023, after being discharged, Pedro Rafael Acuña received his charges.

In November charges were brought against Pedro Acuña in Roca. Photo: Juan Thomes

Acuña was on the verge of death after he tried to take his own life that night after killing Marisa Galdame, according to the first investigations. She was saved after four days of intensive care and surgery at Allen Hospital.

Acuña took the knife, which he apparently had in the car that was in the yard of the house, and with it, in a context of gender violence, he killed his partner. and mother of his children, ages 5 and 13,” they revealed at that hearing.

After presenting the accusations and arguing with evidence what happened, heand charged with the crime of “femicide,” which is why in August he will face a jury trial and could spend the rest of his life in prison.

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