A San Juan police officer is tried for being the “snitch of the raids”

A San Juan police officer is tried for being the “snitch of the raids”
A San Juan police officer is tried for being the “snitch of the raids”

On the morning of this Tuesday, June 25, 2024, they began to try a San Juan police officer for “snitching.” In August 2023, agent Benito Andrés Azcurra, while at the 32nd Police Station of 25 de Mayo, warned a friend that the local force was after his nephew, but the information was wrong and this became evident later. The oral and public trial began erratically due to confusion on the part of the accused and the absence of summoned witnesses, according to judicial sources. HUARPE DIARY.

The agent is tried for the crime of failure to fulfill his duties as a public official. Prosecutor Iván Grassi, in his opening statements, stated that his expected sentence is two years and six months in prison without confinement. But the defense of the uniformed man, represented by lawyer Martín Zuleta, raised a nullity, as in the investigation stage. For the defender, the prosecutor requested the elevation to trial a month after the end of the preparatory criminal stage. Judge Andrés Abelín Cottonaro took up the proposal and indicated that he will resolve it at the end of the trial.

Regarding the defense position, Grassi argued that the delay was due to an administrative error and that no other evidence was produced during that time. The prosecutor was also optimistic because the proposal made by Zuleta was already rejected by an impeachment judge during the investigation stage.

The trial should have started this Monday, June 24, but the accused Azcurra did not appear. At the request of prosecutor Grassi, Judge Abelín Cottonaro declared the police officer’s rebellion and ordered that he be captured. However, the situation was resolved without using public force, since the lawyer contacted his client and he stated that he got the date mixed up because he had lost his cell phone. Furthermore, the lawyer pointed out that his client lives in Los Berros, Sarmiento, and has a long journey to the Capital Courts.

But the erratic nature of the trial was not corrected with the presence of the accused this Tuesday, since the police officers who were summoned as witnesses did not attend, so the judge asked the prosecution and the defense to reschedule the statements to continue with the debate.

The case

“Dog. Do not say anything. They fall on your nephew. They go for the Yara. Pa’ shut up. They are leaving here. Don’t name me. The 10th is going there”, with that message, agent Benito Andrés Azcurra, warned Roberto “Coti” Muñoz that the Justice and the Police were going to the home of his relative. The man passed on the information he received about the cash, but was surprised when he found out that the police operation was at his house due to a complaint of gender violence.

The man tried to make the police understand that they were wrong. In desperation, he even betrayed the agent, who at that time worked at the 32nd Police Station in Casuarinas and had found out when they asked for support for the procedure.

As a result of this, the Justice of the Peace of May 25, Graciela Rodríguez, who had intervened in the case of gender violence against Muñoz, made the complaint in which the agent ended up falling and is now being tried for failure to fulfill his duties. as a public official. The defense maintains that the police officer is innocent and that there was no crime in this procedure, because no operation was frustrated.

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