With “The Homeland is the Other”, the PJ reorganizes itself in the City

With “The Homeland is the Other”, the PJ reorganizes itself in the City
With “The Homeland is the Other”, the PJ reorganizes itself in the City

Two months after the official launch of the La Libertad Avanza party in the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires, Peronism seeks to “rebuild a national project in the City from its identity.” La Patria es el Otro, the front of groups led by Cuervo Andrés Larroque at the national level, held this week the first meeting in the Congress neighborhood with representatives of the city’s neighborhoods.

The event, which took place at the Cultural Center of the Association of Control Organization Personnel (APOC), was coordinated by Buenos Aires legislators Berenice Iañez and Victoria Montenegro and more than thirty political and social organizations with territorial development participated.

“In the face of the social tragedy that the country is experiencing, with a National Government that develops economic policies that deepen the crisis, The City – with the highest budgets in the region – is not taking charge of the situation and is leaving its People adriftsince the local Executive Branch is not up to the task” was one of the consensuses of the day, according to its organizers.

There, the attendees committed to work on the basic lines of action that the front carries out: “Defend the people, organize the militancy, take care of Cristina, bank Axel and rebuild a national project in the City from their identity as Peronists.”

Finally, the immediate release of the political prisoners arbitrarily detained in the mobilization against the “Bases Law” of June 12 of this year was also demanded.

Governors meet in San Vicente to honor Perón

Looking ahead to the 50th anniversary of the death of Juan Domingo PeronPeronism is preparing to carry out an act in the Quinta de San Vicente that shows the force more organized than it is and more united than it seems. According to her, she was able to find out The uncoveringthe governor Axel Kicillofwill be the main speaker”.

As this media was able to find out, the governor of La Rioja, Ricardo Quintela, will be in the photo organized by the Government. In this way, and before traveling to La Rioja, Axel Kicillof will receive his Peronist counterpart on one of the most Justicialist days of the year and will accumulate a new photograph with a leader.

Another of the governors that could be present would be that of La Pampa, Sergio Zilloto. This Friday, The Buenos Aires president will travel to said province. As Kicillof himself anticipated, “we are working on announcements with the Provincial Bank of La Rioja and provincial banks of La Pampa.”. He also detailed that “we are working with several provinces in various areas; They are reciprocal cooperation agreements. They have to do with a very deep conviction in federalism”.

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