“We live in a new time in which there will be new possibilities for investment and job creation”

“We live in a new time in which there will be new possibilities for investment and job creation”
“We live in a new time in which there will be new possibilities for investment and job creation”

Before the main representatives of commerce and industry in Salta, national senator Juan Carlos Romero gave details on the Ley Bases approved in the Upper House, while valuing “the effort of all sectors of the province, which despite falling sales, high tax pressure and the lack of economic predictability, remain firm in defending production and employment.”

“I am convinced that in this new time that the country is experiencing, there are new possibilities for investment and job creation.” This was one of the main definitions of National Senator Juan Carlos Romero, after the meeting he held with the heads of the most representative institutions of the commercial and productive sector of the Province.

After the meeting, Romero said: “We all agree on the importance of listening to each other and talking. In my case, I specified the scope of the Base Law, above all, for these sectors that will have more possibilities and tools for growth.”

The meeting was held at the headquarters of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Salta, where its owner, Gustavo Herrera, was the host. Also participating were the President of the Industrial Union of Salta, Eduardo Gómez Naar; the president of the Rural Society, Joaquín Elizalde; the President of the Chamber of Mining, Simón Pérez Alsina; and the Institutional Secretary of the Chamber of Commerce, Javier Cornejo.

Those present talked about the scope of the labor reform, the Incentive Regime for Large Investments (RIGI), the scope of the tax moratorium, as well as provincial issues, such as the fight against illegal trade.

At the meeting, Romero recalled that, in addition to this new initiative, a decree on the promotion of minor investments, similar to the RIGI, has been in force for more than two decades, which “everyone should know, because it allows increasing the competitiveness of industrialized products, and is intended for companies that have a project to improve their competitiveness, especially benefiting those that want to invest in the country in industrialization projects.”

On the other hand, he praised “the efforts of all sectors of the province, which even with drops in sales, high tax pressure and lack of economic predictability, continued to firmly defend production and employment.”

“I hope that in a short time we will be able to see the results, not only of this law, but of a plan that is already lowering inflation to levels we have not seen for years, that managed to reduce the fiscal deficit to zero, that strengthened the Central Bank’s reserves and that stabilized the value of the currency,” said Romero, who added: “Society is making an enormous effort to understand that there is light at the end of the tunnel.

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