A woman died in the middle of a traffic accident in Bolívar; UNP van would be involved

A woman died in the middle of a traffic accident in Bolívar; UNP van would be involved
A woman died in the middle of a traffic accident in Bolívar; UNP van would be involved

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As Sareth Otálora Toloza The 40-year-old nurse who died in the middle of a spectacular traffic accident that occurred in the south of Bolívar was identified.

The events occurred on the road that connects Cantagallo with San Pablo, where it is hypothesized that Otálora was on a motorcycle that collided, causing it to fly away and cause its sudden death.

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A witness told another version of the events to the Weekly magazine. In this new story, two men from a security scheme of a social leader in Cantagallo would be involved, and a truck from the National Protection Unit (UNP) that they were driving.

“The two women were on the motorcycle and, according to the people who were around the place, the griller was drunk, so she fell on the road. At that moment, The one who was driving gets off the motorcycle to help her companion and that is when the truck that was with two escorts hits her.“he told the media outlet.

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After what happened, the authorities went to the place to remove the body. and they found that the two escorts in the truck fled the scene.

The UNP made a publication on its website about the traffic accident and explained, according to them, what happened.

“On the night of this Sunday, June 23, a traffic accident occurred that involved a vehicle assigned to the protection scheme of a beneficiary from the department of Bolívar. According to the reports of the protection people of this scheme, the incident occurred on the road that leads from San Pablo to Cantagallo, a municipality in the south of the department, when a motorcycle with two passengers invaded the lane in which they were traveling, causing a crash, in which one of the motorcycle’s passengers unfortunately died. “Both the beneficiary and the protection persons were unharmed,” they reported.

“The incident is the subject of investigation by the competent authorities, while the National Protection Unit initiated the relevant internal procedures,” they stated.

For the moment it attempts to establish the causes of nurse Sareth Otálora’s death in this accident.

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