Colombia: the second most unfaithful country in Latin America, just behind Brazil

Colombia: the second most unfaithful country in Latin America, just behind Brazil
Colombia: the second most unfaithful country in Latin America, just behind Brazil

According to the data provided by two recent studies of the platforms Gleeden and Ashley Madisonfor married people, Colombia is the second country in Latin America with the largest number of infidels, only after Brazil, which has a population four times larger (214 million inhabitants, compared to Colombia’s 51 million).

AND followed by Mexico, with a population almost three times larger: 127 million people. Which means that a higher percentage of Colombians could be cheating on their partner, if the country is equaled with giants in population density.

Infidelity, according to the clinical psychologist and expert in social phenomena, Andres Gutierrezin interview for Blue Radio: “It occurs when there is some kind of contact either through digital media or through sexual encounters. Facts such as routine, falling into temptation, seduction and the monotony of relationships are the most frequent reasons or excuses for someone to decide to be unfaithful in our country.

And as if that were not enough, deeply affects the emotional state of those who go through a situation of “chubs”, becoming, almost, a public mental health problem.

“At that moment of the event, the stress level is too high and that is when it becomes much more difficult to make decisions”, affecting their work, personal life and relationships with other people.

A phenomenon that, by city, could occur more frequently in Black riverfirst of all; Medellinin second, and Bucaramanga, In third. Followed by Tunja, Tuluá, Bogotá, Pereira, Villavicencio, Ibagué and Popayán.

Infidelity does not distinguish agegender, sexual preference, skin color, religious belief, political inclination or any other trait that distinguishes the person who practices it.

No one seems to be exempt, despite the wave of viral videos in which those who are victims of deceit expose their partner. So, even from the Government measures have been attempted to move Colombia away from the shameful top.

This is the case of the liberal congresswoman Kelly Karina Espinosa who established the lawZero Chubs”, in mid-April, according to her because “Infidelity is generating violence, depression, suicides and this happens every day, so we cannot close our eyes; It’s everyone’s job.”

According to the figures, 6 out of 10 nationals They have been unfaithful at some point in their life. Although, specifically analyzing the case of men, we can speak of 8 out of 10. These figures were obtained with data from the app for cheaters ‘Gleeden’, which revealed that it has 450,000 subscribers in Latin America and most of them are Colombian.

Up to 70% of our users in Gleeden they are still men and the average of six out of ten Colombian women have been unfaithful, but in the case of men it rises to eight out of ten people. Men are much more unfaithful, ”Gleenden’s Marketing Director, Silvia Rúbides, explained in the press room of her website.

However, women tend to be more stigmatized: up to 68%, despite the fact that their needs respond to a lack of attention, but not to sexual appetite.

“The main cause of infidelity in the case of men is because despite being unfaithful do not take responsibility, but it is all because they were seduced and could not avoid the temptation. In the case of women, the majority is due to the lack of compliments and attention from their partners”, according to Rúbides.

Who also indicated that the 3 types of infidelity that Colombians prefer have to do with 1. the physical contact2. the emotional connection and 3. the sexting or flirting in networks.

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