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They search the property of “El Tío Laco”, leader of the CJNG in Michoacán linked to the kidnapping of the mayor of Cotija

By Marco Antonio Duarte / Correspondent

Michoacán.- Federal and state authorities searched a ranch Heraclio Guerrero Martínez, alias “El Tío Laco”, leader of the Jalisco New Generation Cartel (CJNG) in Michoacán and involved in the kidnapping of Yolanda Sánchez Figueroamayor of the Michoacan municipality of Cotija.

The operation was deployed based on a search warrant completed by the State Attorney General’s Office (FGE), with the support of the Army and the Civil Guard in the town of Tinaja de Vargas, in the municipality of Tanhuato.

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A source from the prosecution reported that “Uncle Laco” would have fled minutes before the arrival of the uniformed officers, who only found three felines that were illegally in captivity.

The animals are an African lion, a melanic jaguar and a Bengal tiger, 4 months, 3 months and 5 months old, respectively. The three felines were placed at the disposal of the Federal Environmental Protection Agency (Profepa), which authorized his transfer to “Benito Juárez” Zoological Parkin the city of Morelia.

The search operation for “Uncle Laco” continues in municipalities of Michoacán that border Jalisco, although its main bastion is Vargas Jarwhere historically members of the “Guerrero Family” have been linked to drug trafficking.

According to the source consulted by Latinus“El Tío Laco” is related to the kidnapping of Yolanda Sánchez FigueroaPAN mayor of the Michoacan municipality of Cotija.

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The municipal president was kidnapped by an armed commando on September 23, near Andares Square, in Zapopan, Jaliscobut she was released on Tuesday, September 26, when hitmen handed her over safely to the command of the Villamar Municipal PoliceMichoacán, a town adjacent to Cotija.

After the plagiarism of the mayor, the Jalisco prosecutor’s office He detained three alleged suspects in that entity, who had initially been wanted for another crime.

“El Tío Laco” appears as a man close to the Michoacan Nemesio Oseguera Cervantes “El Mencho”, main leader of the CJNG. Heraclio Guerrero assumed power of “Los Guerrero” in December 2011, after the murder of his brother and leader of that organization, Javier Guerrero Martínez, who in turn was a partner of “El Mencho.”

Heraclio Guerrero He had been arrested in November 2015, with six of his bodyguards, as the alleged intellectual and material author of the murder of Enrique Hernandez Salcedoself-defense leader and then Morena candidate for the municipal presidency of Yurécuaro, adjacent to Tanhuato.

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