They cut off the route in the new demonstration for Loan

Among those present was Joséthe boy’s father, who was very grateful to his neighbors, who sang “Jose, my dear, the people are with you.”

“I am grateful, and very much so. We have to find strength from somewhere to stay standing.”said the boy’s father in dialogue with C5N“We want Loan back and the culprits to pay,” said one of the protesters.

The resident who spoke to the news channel clarified that the roadblock was due to the fact that they had lost “patience,” and warned that the protest could escalate tomorrow.

Loan case: a towel with blood found in an abandoned school is being analyzed

Federal Judge Cristina Pozzer Penzo ordered that analyses be carried out on a towel with traces of human blood which was found in an abandoned school in Goya, near the place where Laudelina reported that María Victoria Caillava gave her the shoe Loan Danilo Peña She was later found in the countryside. The five-year-old boy has been missing for 20 days after having lunch at his paternal grandmother’s house in the Paraje Algarrobal, a rural area of ​​9 de Julio, Corrientes.

The preliminary examination confirmed that it is two grayish-white towel scraps with human blood stains. In case they can be extracted DNA traces from the towel, These will be courted with the samples that were taken at the beginning of the investigation from José and María, Loan’s parents.


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