PNP captures ‘Los Lechuceros del Norte’ for migrant trafficking on the border with Ecuador

PNP captures ‘Los Lechuceros del Norte’ for migrant trafficking on the border with Ecuador
PNP captures ‘Los Lechuceros del Norte’ for migrant trafficking on the border with Ecuador

The operation is part of an intensive campaign against irregular migration and human trafficking on the border with Ecuador. (Successful)

In a recent operation, the National Police of Peru (PNP) dismantled a criminal organization dedicated to informal transfer of foreign migrants into Peruvian territory. This intervention, part of an intensive campaign against irregular migration, took place in the region of Tumbeson the border with Ecuador.

The operation was carried out on a bus that was circulating near the Artisanal Fishing Landing Stage (DPA) Acapulco, in the district of Little foxes. The vehicle was carrying 35 foreigners, of which 18 They were in an irregular immigration situation and their objective was to reach Lima.

Police officers arrested three members from the band known as “The Owls of the North”. This group sought to facilitate the irregular entry of nine Venezuelans, six Ecuadorians and two Colombians, without the required documentation. The detainees were identified as Nelson Erick Paredes48 years old, Fernando Alexander Vega Vasquez44 years old, and Javier Lopez Quispe24 years old.

The PNP dismantled a criminal organization dedicated to the informal transfer of foreign migrants to Peru. (Composition: Infobae / Gob / capture)

PNP General Javier Gonzáles Novoa reported: “They were traveling on a bus. Three people were arrested, including the driver, the co-pilot and the assistant. These people make up a gang that operates mainly at night and are now detained for the crime of illegal migrant trafficking.”

Among the Venezuelans intervened, none had valid visa or passportalthough since July 2 it is mandatory to present both documents to obtain authorization for regular entry to Peru.

The police operation was carried out after midnight on Wednesday, with the intervention of PNP Human Trafficking Investigation Department. The situation of the detainees was further complicated by the discovery of a younger without documents or family members on the bus, which was heading from Venezuela to the south of the country.

PNP captures ‘Los Lechuceros del Norte’ for migrant trafficking on the border with Ecuador | Andina

This operation was possible thanks to the intensification of the deployment of the National Police throughout the border lineespecially in the Tumbes region, under the direction of the General PNP Javier Gonzalez Novoa. “Yesterday, July 2, 10 Venezuelans were expelled in the evening hours. Today, nine Venezuelans and a minor were detained for illegal entry into our territory. We are doing the procedures to expel them and make them available to Immigration,” explained the General.

Part of these actions against the Human trafficking and migrant smuggling involves increased preventive patrols in blind spots and critical areas where crime is committed, as well as specialized intelligence work. The PNP has strengthened its presence in these areas with the intention of prevent and eradicate these illegal practices.

Migrant smuggling is a complex problem that requires a comprehensive response. Collaboration between different police units and cooperation with other national and international authorities is essential to tackle the problem. effectively combat this crime. The measures adopted by the PNP, such as strengthening border controls and intensifying operations, are crucial steps in this fight.

In the specific case of Tumbes, the police identified several routes used by traffickers to enter irregular migrants. These routes are constantly monitored and surprise operations are carried out to dismantle criminal networks.

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A few days ago, the National Superintendence of Migration announced that from July 2, 2024, new requirements will be implemented for the entry and stay of Venezuelan citizens in Peru, according to the Resolution No. 000121-2024-MIGRATIONS published in the official journal A Peruvian man.

“The update of the entry requirements for Venezuelan citizens standardizes the treatment given to all persons from countries requiring a visa. It also mitigates the risks associated with immigration control with documents that do not have the security measures of passports and visas,” reads the official newspaper.

It is estimated that around 1.5 million Venezuelan migrants and refugees reside in Peru, many of whom do not have the documentation required under the new provisions established by Migration.

This regulation, which repeals resolution No. 000177-2019, seeks to strengthen immigration control and regulate the entry of this immigrant community, one of the largest in Peru following the so-called Venezuelan exodus.

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