The terrifying prediction that Mhoni Vidente made about Hurricane Beryl

The terrifying prediction that Mhoni Vidente made about Hurricane Beryl
The terrifying prediction that Mhoni Vidente made about Hurricane Beryl

He huracán Berylcurrently Category 4 according to the National Hurricane Center (NHC) and considered as “extremely dangerous“, was the center of a prediction of the renowned astrologer Mhoni Videntewho explained the dire consequences it can have.

The inhabitants of the Mexican coasts remain expectant of the arrival of the climatic phenomenon that has already caused destruction in the Caribbean islands, such as Jamaica or the Windward Islands. Faced with this scenario that Mexican citizens face, the Astrologer released a prediction that she later shared through her official social media account social.

“Hurricane #BERYL category 5 strong friends hurricane #BerylHurricane (category 5) threatens the Yucatan Peninsula and the Gulf of Mexico“Torrential rains, strong winds and high waves are expected,” wrote Mhoni Vidente, accompanying a video in which she expresses her prediction.

In the images, the famous astrologer exclaimed: “Two very strong hurricanes are coming through the Atlantic (area where Beryl is developing). This category 3 hurricane is coming on strong, almost 5, it enters the Gulf, crosses Miami and comes straight to Veracruz and Tabasco“. Then, the journalist asked her if the hurricane would lose strength, to which Mhoni Vidente replied: “No, come in strong“.

Every day, the Cuban astrologer recognized throughout Latin America shares her predictions for each sign of the zodiac, and Through his letters he shares each week what will happen to humanity throughout the relation to important issues such as war conflicts and others.

The damage caused by Hurricane Beryl

In its wake, the climatic phenomenon left catastrophic consequences for different Caribbean countriesand during this day will arrive in Jamaicathreatening with arrive in Mexico during the afternoon or evening of next Thursdaythe NHC reported on its official website.

According to the media CNNthe Minister of Local Government and Community Development of JamaicaDesmond McKenzie, said that the territory “is ready” to welcome the hurricanealthough he warned that “The next 48 hours will be revealing for the country“.

Crossing the Caribbean islands, Hurricane Beryl destroyed houses and part of the infrastructure of the affected countries during last Tuesday, July 2, both in Carriacou Island in Grenada as in Saint Vincent and the Grenadines.

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