“This Code establishes life imprisonment”

“This Code establishes life imprisonment”
“This Code establishes life imprisonment”

Santo Domingo.- Senator Rogelio Genao welcomed the fact that the country will finally approve the second reading of the new Penal Code.

In his speech, Genao stressed that this day is the happiest of his administration, as they are fulfilling the oath to respect and enforce the Constitution and the laws.

The new Penal Code, according to Genao, is aligned with the current Constitution of 2015, which defines the right to life from conception to death and guarantees fundamental rights such as the right to equality and individual criminal responsibility.

According to him, this code establishes 72 new types of crimes and extends the maximum sentence to 60 years, which, considering the life expectancy in the country, is equivalent to a life sentence for adults.

Genao stressed that the code also includes severe penalties for repeat offenders and tools to discourage administrative corruption, extending the statute of limitations for criminal cases from 10 to 20 years.

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