District delivered 500 markets to population in moderate poverty

District delivered 500 markets to population in moderate poverty
District delivered 500 markets to population in moderate poverty

Within the framework of the ‘Grains of Hope’ initiative, the Barranquilla District delivered 500 food packages to single mothers and senior citizens living in moderate poverty.

The activity developed by the District Mayor’s Office of Barranquilla, through the Social Development Management, had the collaboration of the Grains and Foods Company of Colombia-Gracol- and USDryBeans. The delivery day took place at the Elías Chegwin basketball stadium, where the beneficiaries also participated in sports activities as part of the task of raising awareness about caring for well-being.

The event was attended by the First Lady of Barranquilla, Katia Nule, who addressed the more than 500 participants and beneficiaries: “We hope to achieve these initiatives through public-private partnerships to benefit citizens by providing vulnerable populations with access to nutritious food in the family basket and providing comprehensive support to vulnerable communities.”

“Grains of Hope is an example of how collaboration between companies and the Government can generate a positive impact on society, providing support to those who need it most and strengthening community ties in Barranquilla,” He explained in his speech the manager and founder of Gracol, Karen Álvarez.

There are many actions that the District Administration of Barranquilla carries out to contribute to the goal of the ‘Zero Hunger’ Development Plan. Social Development Manager, Maria Eugenia Yunis, He explained that to ensure that the vulnerable population has access to food “We have implemented a line of community kitchens, in addition to more than 200 community and school gardens that provide fresh and nutritious food and promote food self-sufficiency. Together we can make Barranquilla an example of the fight against hunger.”

The first lady concluded by confirming that in Barranquilla “Fighting hunger is a priority and we have been implementing some programs such as ‘Breakfasts for you’ with which we reach 1,000 families every day. This type of aid is welcome so that we can continue to combat the problem of hunger.”

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