1,200 teachers receive training on educational inclusion

1,200 teachers receive training on educational inclusion
1,200 teachers receive training on educational inclusion

Kicking off the Institutional Development Week, part of the school calendar established by the Ministry of National Education, the Mayor’s Office of Santa Marta began a training cycle for teachers and school principals from all official institutions in the district.

This event, which had a positive impact on more than 1,200 teachers and managers, addressed the topic of educational inclusion. The conference was attended by professionals with extensive and certified experience from the University of La Rioja in Spain and the support of the Corpodesc Corporation. This stage was carried out before the start of face-to-face classes in the classrooms.

“The objective of these training sessions is to strengthen the education and knowledge of teachers in order to improve quality in the classroom,” said Patricia Viedma González, Commercial Coordinator of the Magdalena Service Center.

In this context, the speakers Mariluz Molina Guerrero, a graduate in Modern Languages ​​and a Master in Educational Inclusion, and Indira Salas Ospino, a graduate in Early Childhood Education, a specialist in Education with an emphasis on Evaluation and a Master’s student at the Faculty of Education of the Universidad de la Costa, directly addressed what is needed to take educational inclusion to another level.

For Mayor Carlos Pinedo Cuello, who was in charge of the installation of the event, and the District Secretary of Education, Sandra Patricia Muñoz Dorado, this sector is one of the fundamental pillars for the development of the city. For this reason, this training cycle has been oriented towards the requirements of the Development Plan ‘Santa Marta 500 Más’.

“The administration will spare no effort to train our teachers and to meet the goals established in the District Development Plan, especially in matters related to inclusion,” said the president.

The cycle will be held in three sessions, allowing the participation of the largest number of teachers, who will benefit from these training sessions that contribute to improving education in terms of quality.

For this reason, the head of this portfolio, Sandra Patricia Muñoz, was accompanied by the director of the Office of Educational Quality, Luz Estela Henríquez, and her team; the director of the Office of Inspection and Surveillance, Robert Reyes; and the legal advisor of the office, Adaúlfo Manjarrés.

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