Love Has No Recipe: 5 unmissable moments of love between Paz and Esteban

Love Has No Recipe: 5 unmissable moments of love between Paz and Esteban
Love Has No Recipe: 5 unmissable moments of love between Paz and Esteban

1.- Paz and Esteban’s first meeting in Love Has No Recipe

Years after the tragedies that affected them because of Ginebra, Paz and Esteban resumed their lives with a strong commitment to supporting their families. While she maintained the hope of finding the girl who was taken from her during childbirth, he wanted to overcome the death of his wife.

Paz and Esteban are delighted to meet each other

Without imagining what was coming their way, the chef and the businessman had an unexpected date arranged by fate. One morning Esteban was in the middle of a car dispute in the Paz neighborhood, who appeared to calm the situation.

At the first meeting of their gazes, the two were filled with light, opening the door wide to love.

2.- Paz and Esteban’s first kiss in Love Has No Recipe

Impressed by Paz’s culinary skills, Esteban hired her to cook for his family and take care of his children’s nutrition. Little by little, their relationship became a friendship, but love did not prevent them from taking over their hearts.

Paz and Esteban kiss for the first time

Later, they would find refuge and relief from their problems together. Together, on a night of dancing, Paz and Esteban would return to her house to say goodbye. Just as they said goodbye, the two retraced their steps and then shared their first kiss full of love.

Excited and nervous about the kiss she shared with her boss, Paz asked him to forget about her feelings. However, he encouraged her to follow her heart and live her love.

3.- The beginning of Paz and Esteban’s courtship in Love Has No Recipe

Determined to formalize his romance with Paz, Esteban prepared a special night for her in complicity with his daughter Gala. The businessman took her to the office so that she could enjoy a sweet atmosphere that served to reaffirm their feelings.

Paz agrees to be Esteban’s girlfriend

After decorating a delicious cake, Esteban wrote on it “Do you want to be my girlfriend?”, a question that she did not hesitate to answer with a yes. Happy about the formal beginning of their courtship, the couple shared a kiss that sealed their love.

4.- An unforgettable night of passion between Paz and Esteban in Love Has No Recipe

After unleashing Ginebra’s fury by the beginning of their romance, Paz and Esteban lived an unforgettable night. Happy to share a dinner and talk about their love, they would finally give in to their desires.

Summary of Love Has No Recipe Chapter 36

Surrounded by a warm atmosphere, the couple forgot about their problems and unleashed their passion for the first time. Unfortunately, the future would make them separate because of Geneva.

5.- The reconciliation of Paz and Esteban in Love Has No Recipe

Faced with Paz’s imprisonment for hiding Sam in his house, Esteban would not give up on proving his innocence. However, Ginebra would force him to give up his love for the chef. The villain blackmailed him with harming his family if he did not break off their relationship.

Unable to believe Esteban’s words about their breakup, Paz asked him for a serious explanation. Upon hearing that the businessman only used her, the cook could not hold back and gave him a painful slap. In addition, she witnessed her lover’s wedding with the villain.

Paz and Esteban decide to live their love in secret

Later, Esteban would find the opportunity to confess to Paz that it was all a threat from Ginebra and that he had not stopped loving her. With the secret out in the open, they decided to resume their love in secret to protect themselves from their enemy.

What else will Paz and Esteban have to face to enjoy their love without obstacles? Find out in the grand return of El Amor No Tenemos Receta this Monday, July 8 at 10P/9C on Univision.

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