Cumbayá: Urgent request for help from the players to LigaPro, the FEF and the Ministry of Sports :: Olé Ecuador

Cumbayá: Urgent request for help from the players to LigaPro, the FEF and the Ministry of Sports :: Olé Ecuador
Cumbayá: Urgent request for help from the players to LigaPro, the FEF and the Ministry of Sports :: Olé Ecuador

03/07/2024 13:55hs.

The institutional crisis in Cumbayá It’s going from bad to worse: it went from being critical, due to the lack of payments to the players, to regrettable because now they don’t even have a place to train. This Tuesday it was reported that The team had to complete their practice at La Carolina Park from Quito. And now The players themselves made the cause visible, asking for help from LigaPro, the Ecuadorian Football Federation and the Ministry of Sports.

Among other things, they highlight their professionalism in facing Phase 2 of the tournament, despite not having facilities to conduct the preseason. They demand payment of outstanding salaries. And they ask the various organizations to intervene in the search for solutions.

Norberto Araujo, in his last images as coach of Cumbayá, in the duel against Orense for LigaPro: he was not there on the last date… (API).

The full text of the letter from the Cumbayá players


Those of us who make up the CUMBAYA FOOTBALL CLUB SPORTS TEAM are clear that in life as in FOOTBALL we must seek results step by step. We are professionals, daily preparation through planned and timely training is undoubtedly the basis of our performance.

SO FAR WE HAVE NOT RECEIVED ANY COMMUNICATION ABOUT THE START DATE OF THE PRE-SEASON FOR THE SECOND PHASE OF THE LIGA PRO ECUABET FOOTBALL CHAMPIONSHIP, and what worries us greatly is that this has as a premise the payment of LIGA PRO, according to our understanding it should then paralyze all the professional Clubs in the country.

Considering that WE WERE HIRED TO REPRESENT A PROFESSIONAL CLUB AND FACE THE DIFFERENT MATCHES BOTH IN THE NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP AND IN OTHERS TO WHICH WE WERE CALLED (ECUADOR CUP) and due to the urgency of time we have decided to CALL OURSELVES and work despite the critical situation that the CLUB is going through with a view to the restart of the tournament.

The letter from the Cumbayá players.

We would like to take advantage of this statement to clarify some requests that we hope will be considered by the authorities that govern sport, and especially football.

1. We urgently request payment of our salaries. We have not received any remuneration for 3 months and the situation is unsustainable. Some of our teammates are being evicted for not paying the rent on their respective homes. Others, specifically the foreign players, returned to their respective countries, mostly to Argentina, paying their own way. We request a refund of the cost of the tickets and that they be given return tickets.

2. We urge the President of LIGA PRO, Attorney Miguel Angel Loor, to intervene and help us find solutions regarding the economic situation.

3. We demand that we be provided with a place to carry out our training. Previously, we carried out our training at the Pichincha Lawyers’ Complex and due to non-compliance with the rental fee, we have not been able to access this property.

4. Express before public opinion our rejection of the management of the Intervenor appointed by the FEF due to his lack of thoroughness and empathy in the face of the problems that we, THE PLAYERS, TECHNICAL STAFF, WORKERS AND TEACHERS OF THE DIFFERENT TRAINING CATEGORIES, are going through.

Finally, we make a most sincere appeal to the Minister of Sports, Mr. Andrés Guschmer, so that through his mediation and good actions he can find a solution that puts an end to the current situation of the CLUB.

We have won the right to play in the Pro Serie A League of Ecuadorian Soccer on the field. Please, Mr. Minister, do not allow sports institutions that you are responsible for to go through these situations. Although we do not belong to one of the largest Clubs in the country or with numerous fan bases, we deserve to be treated with dignity and respect because we are PROFESSIONAL FOOTBALL PLAYERS.

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