Section 35 of the SNTE launches a National Campaign for Water Care – El Sol de la Laguna

This Wednesday morning the Section 35 of the SNTE launched the National Water Care Campaign called Water is life, water is running out! Let’s take care of water! The official presentation was given by Professor Arturo Díaz González and Professor Lorenzo Salazar Lozano, representative of the CEN of the SNTE.

According to teacher Lorenzo Salazar Lozano, the Union of Education Workers stands in solidarity with the planet and seeks to correct bad practices and abuses in water consumption“We want to adopt conscious behavior and respect the urgency of taking care of water as an essential resource for life.”

He said that the training part is intended for parents and children in school communities to know what the problem is and the circumstances, “in addition to the new behaviors that must be adopted.” “How to bathe, brush your teeth and how to use water in general.”

He explained that from the start in Section 35, more than 500 endemic trees were managed and obtained. Coahuila and Durango region. “This same event will take place in all sections of the country. The challenge will be to take care of the trees so that our communities have better environments.

The central objective is to raise awareness among children and parents, since water is the most valuable resource on the planet; “Taking care of it means ensuring our life and that of future generations. “Water and education are fundamental elements that guarantee the viability of life on our planet.”

He also indicated, “Education on water care is essential to promote environmental awareness and ensure a sustainable future for all. Educating for the care of water is a responsibility that we at SNTE assume to ensure the life and development of human beings.”

There were also the teachers and teachers Those in charge of this activity are Ms. Neftali Partida, Aracelia Estrada Alvarez and Claudia Hernandez Lozano.

In the first stage, which will last until November 1st, 500 trees will be delivered. In addition cleaning of areas near schools will be done. The symbolic delivery was to the 1st high school level organization.

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