“They want to turn us into a politicized and subsidized economy”

“They want to turn us into a politicized and subsidized economy”
“They want to turn us into a politicized and subsidized economy”

The president of the Community of Madrid showed her support and harmony with the business community. Isabel Díaz Ayuso was present at the General Assembly of Cepyme, where the SME employers’ association presented a harsh manifesto against the Government. The president has shown a position very aligned with the business community. The leader of the PP in Madrid criticised that the Government’s intervention is leading to a “politicised and subsidised economy” due to state intervention. “We suffer frivolous political decisions by some who do not know what it means to create employment. They want to turn us into a politicised and subsidised economy, generating a deficit for future generations,” she explained.

Ayuso has criticized the copying of “models from countries with a very different business structure” or the application of “the totalitarian ideology that still repeats that the businessman is a privileged and exploitative bourgeois capitalist when only those who suffer from it know the harshness of the living conditions of small and medium-sized business owners.”

“We must learn from and admire the company,” she said about SMEs. “Cepyme represents the vast majority of companies in Spain. It is an essential task. No one knows better than you what it means to support the assets of small families,” the president praised.

The president of the Community of Madrid regrets that “They are destroying small and medium-sized businesses” with the trickle of taxes, the rise in labour costs or the cascade of regulations. “It is forgotten that SMEs are the freest, the least politicised, the closest to everyday life and the most personal: each member is very difficult to replace. Every SME is a family business, you cannot replace a person with a salary,” he added.

“You need support, fewer legal obstacles. If everything is intervened, no one will want to invest in Spain, small and medium investors who are the most free will be expelled,” she explained. Díaz Ayuso added that “business dignity has not been lost nor should it be lost” and offered companies the support of the Community she presides over.

CEOE will file a complaint with the ILO

CEOE president Antonio Garamendi confirmed that he will continue to negotiate the reduction of the working day, but he is aiming for an offensive. “We will continue to act at the tables with Labour, but we also have to defend ourselves. First, a Complaint to the International Labour Organization (ILO) for the Ministry’s failure to comply with Article 154 of the ILO conventions. We cannot allow ourselves to sign the labour reform and then, without consultation, end up repealing such an important article as the priority of the regional conventions,” he explained.

Garamendi has also announced that they will challenge the agreements to include other “crony” business associations in social dialogue or in representative bodies.

Garamendi stressed that “SMEs are the DNA of the business fabric in Spain, which we have to look after and encourage to grow.” “They are the driving force of our economy, our employment and our development,” he added. For this reason, he highlighted the responsibility and key role of CEOE and Cepyme as representatives of the interests of this business fabric.

“Both CEOE and Cepyme not only represent the voice of our companies before the Government, but are also a fundamental pillar in the defence and promotion of the interests of our business fabric, the voice of its challenges and opportunities, representatives and defenders of its values,” said the president of the employers’ association. He added: “The representativeness of the employers’ association is a reflection of the diversity and strength of Spanish companies.”

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